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IN THIS ISSUE: The 55 Cosmic Laws and
Subconscious Flush on April 19th
Plug Removal ~ Part 1 and 2 on April 26
There's been much change for many with the recent Easter holiday as this is a cycle of opportunity for all of humanity to bid the old farewell and make way for a new way to unfold. April in itself is a month of restructuring the self and reassessing one's foundations. However, many require tools and assistance to bring change into their lives. 
Starting this Thursday, April 19th, at 8:00 p.m. EDT, to assist with the rapid energies and much-needed changes, I will be joined with my colleague, Samantha Gilbert, from the Palace of Peace to conduct two energy-clearing events in the same webinar format as "Faith Talk."  We will be revisiting the actions to take as it relates to understanding and protecting one's self regarding negative energies and the Astral Plane, which will then lead into the first clearing, Subconscious Flush.
The second clearing will be on April 26th, Plug Removal Part 1 and 2.
This will be followed by a 7-week webinar course on the 55 Cosmic Laws. If you are interested in taking this course, it is highly recommended you go through the Subconscious Flush and Plug Removal Channelings.
All of these events are to assist us in simplistic ways to live an uplifting life, and the deeper we know ourselves is what opens the doorways to infinite wisdom and opportunities. 
Enjoying life, living to the fullest, and experiencing peace and joy by co-creating with the higher realms is a most amazing space to be in! 
Negativity breeds more negativity 
April 19,
8:00 p.m. EDT ~ $11
"Faith Talk": Subconscious Flush
First, we will revisit the "what you can do" portion of the March 29th event, "Negative Energies," and we will be taking your questions. If you were not able to attend this event, please email Faith, so you can download the audio file and listen to this one hour and 50-minute presentation; you may wish to listen to this event prior to April 19th. 


Secondly, we will take you through the Subconscious Flush Channeling, as this channeling is to assist you in bypassing many of the levels of consciousness attached to third dimensional consciousness and the lower planes of fourth dimensional consciousness. The collective consciousness consists of many fields of information. This information does not necessarily support the positive creation of life; and in many instances, pulls one's energy down. Its density makes it difficult for one to rise above many of the situations one is often faced with. However, you have devoted yourself to moving beyond the dense vibration of old paradigm thinking, reactions, and thought patterns. Since this is a guided meditation without the MP3 available, we will be performing this subconscious flush with you, and as with all messages either heard or read, you will be connected to the channeling being, which is this case will be Master Kuthumi-Agrippa, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. We will also be providing you a brief description of the Astral Plane/Akashic Records.


You can listen to this again, as the recording will be emailed to you, which this process is recommended every 90 days because the Akashic Field is filled with such a grand diversity of information and energy. This should not be done more than once a month. You can also use this flush to specifically focus on clearing a specific issue influencing your genetic lineage either mentally, emotionally, physically, psychically, or spiritually. As Kuthumi-Agrippa says, this is a valuable tool and is to be used wisely. The link for this free transcript of the channeling: Subconscious Flush Channelling - Kuthumi - 9 Sep 2006


Remember Who You Are
April 26, 8:00 p.m. EDT ~ $11
Part 1 & 2 

The Plug Removal process is vitally important at this time of accelerated change, and is an integral part of the next level of preparation for the new energy and work Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene will be delivering in the near future. These Plugs are what have inhibited part of our ascension and access to what is referred to as "Star Tetrahedron Technology," however, we are ready now to integrate the next level of higher dimensional consciousness, hence this important healing process conducted by Kuthumi and Lord Merlin.


You will be taken through a process that lasts for most of this hour and a half hours where plugs will be removed that inhibited the flow of energy from the highest levels of Father/Mother God consciousness. It is this information that many of you have been calling forth, feeling that it is just out of your reach. It is through your efforts, your patience, and perseverance with yourself that you have manifested this opportunity for Lord Merlin to remove the plugs the Illuminati placed there in the first place.


Michelle Manders has updated the Plug Removal transcripts, and we highly recommend that you read these first. We have added the audio mp3 files (as a zip file containing part 1 & 2) to the Palace of Peace's shop; however, the audio is poor quality and it is not the updated version. We will be doing this live from the updated transcripts for you on April 26th. A recording will be made of this event and emailed to you as a part of purchasing this event.


Transcripts/MP3 for the channelings: Plug Removal, Entity Detachment, and Dark Knight of the Soul (The Entity Detachment and Dark Knight of the Soul transcripts were used in the March 29th "Faith Talk" event, "Negative energies: How do they affect you? What can you do?")

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55 Cosmic Laws Course

May 3 to June 14

Thursdays, 8:00 p.m. EDT

"It is an ancient truth that to know life you must first know yourself. The only way we can rise above our life challenges is by gaining a deeper understanding of the complex aspects of our nature governing our experiences and learn how to manage these.  Self-knowledge opens doorways to realms of infinite wisdom and opportunities to accept and surrender to life in a new way, leading to better stress- and life-management skills, easier access to creative solutions, and a better quality of life in general.


"Life on Earth is governed by endless laws, rules, and regulations, which most of society abides by without question - it is accepted as a given and seldom challenged. There is, however, another far greater system of Laws at work, which many ignore or simply do not know about and can, therefore, not apply or live by. These laws are Universal, and when lived by, add an empowering new perspective to one's concept of self and life altogether. These are referred to as "Cosmic Laws;" some you may be familiar with, and others not.


"These Laws are simple; however, the complexity of modern day living has made it increasingly difficult to recognize the simplicity present within life, resulting in us becoming further estranged from the uplifting positive qualities of our personality which lead to healing and a better quality of life which benefits all.


"It has become evident that unless people re-connect with the more spiritual/creative aspect of themselves, depression-the leading psychological disease in modern society-will fast destroy humanity. Stress is the underlying cause of depression and has become one of the fastest growing epidemics we face. Not only does it debilitate adults, it has infiltrated younger generations, and children as young as 10 years old are being prescribed anti-depressants. What is also cause for great concern is that many do not even know they are depressed.


"Studying and integrating these Laws is an opportunity to "Rediscover your Light to Fight," an opportunity to re-ignite your passion to live and create a life worth living by recognizing what robs you of what you deserve in order to attain and maintain a better quality of life..." Michelle Manders, Founder of Palace of Peace


During this 7 weeks, we will be covering the first 12 laws. To read more about this course, visit Faith's web site page, New Webinars and Courses.  


"May the truth embodied in the Cosmic Laws set you free to live your best life ever and show the way, setting your brothers and sisters free. May we be one in love, in service, and in essence." - Kuthumi-Agrippa.


Webinar Workshop Schedule ~ two laws per week:

May 3:  Laws 1 and 2:   Law of Fair Exchange/Law of Free Will

May 10: Laws 3 and 4:   Law of Abundance/Law of Attraction

May 17: Laws 5 and 6:   Law of Ascension/Law of Purpose and Abundance (Part II)

May 24: Laws 7 and 8:   Law of Discernment/Law of Law of Acceptance & Surrender

May 31: Laws 9 and 10:  Law of Authenticity/Law of Change

June 7:  Laws 11 and 12:Law of One and Abundance (Part 3)/Law of Love

June 14:Review activities/feedback from last two laws and wrap-up of the course.


This is an example of the first Law, the Law of Fair Exchange:

Law 1 - Law of Fair Exchange - 22 Dec 09 - TRANSCRIPT: The Transcript for the Law of Fair Exchange as channelled by Mary Magdalene in December 2009. Each transcript contains activities and questions which will be part of the workshop.

This channelling initiates a series of in-depth teachings on the Cosmic Laws. Each teaching will give us a deeper understanding of each Law and its accompanying principle. In understanding the Cosmic Law of Fair Exchange, we begin to realise that everything in the Universe must be balanced, therefore a fair exchange of energy is an essential part of maintaining balance. This Law helps instill a deeper awareness of how when balance is absent it impacts on our self-worth and inhibits our ability to live by the Law of Abundance.

The link to the Cosmic Laws: 


As a side note, I'd like to mention that I was personally present for all 55 laws as they were channeled through Michelle in a 13-month project. I also assisted in preparing the training materials, and in March, I completed the training to be able to teach these laws. I was amazed at how even the second or third or more times I worked with each law, it continued to be an extremely powerful and intensive body of work that allows you to go deep into your subconscious.  I always learned something new or deeper about myself.


So choosing to participate in this course will require a commitment from you to work with the material as suggested in each law so as to ensure results. By practically integrating the lessons through the journal exercises within each law, one is able to uncover the gifts and strengths that lie dormant within oneself, hidden beneath layers of illusions. Our weekly meetings will help you keep the momentum going as you reform and re-define who you are.


I highly suggest this course for anyone ready to make changes in their life and are looking for something that will help them remain motivated and stick to a routine and successful plan! 

There is so much amazing information to assist us at the Palace of Peace. It is my prayer that what we bring in these events from this University of Light assists you in finding your empowered authentic *light* self, co-creating with the higer realms so that we can bring freedom and unconditional love where it is lacking. I hope you visit the wonderful materials and workshops offered by Michelle Manders at that Palace of Peace!


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