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Water-color dabbling leads to sweet little photo collection
After years dabbling, I've all but given up trying to be a real artist. At least for now. It's been fun trying, but in the final analysis, I just can't seems to execute with a paint brush in a way that does justice to the subject.

All that trail and error did lead to one happy outcome - I discovered that I have a decent eye for composition. So, I've put away the paints and started taking more and more photos, thinking of them as my own sweet little paintings of a sort.

Besides chronicling dinners with friends on our rooftop terrace in Venasque, trips to unforgettable villages, even touristy places, and rock climbing excursions with our boys, I've shared my photos with prospective guests, hoping they'll book a stay.

Now I am photographing everything under the provençal sun, moon and stars. In and out of every season. As a result, I am pleased to offer the first in a series of limited-edition note cards, featuring the images I've captured of our French Homes. And, seasonal and other thematic card collections are in the works.

A gift for someone who loves Provence: To order your set of 8 cards send a check for $25.00 to: Your Own French Home, 2649 SW Georgian Place, Portland, OR 97201. Or, you can send an email with 'Note Cards' in the subject line and we'll call for your credit card number. Available while supplies last.

Dreaming of a cozy village Christmas in Provence?
Still at loose ends for the winter holidays? Here's a wild and wonderful idea. Spend an unforgettable, Joyeux Noël, in Provence. Shop at outdoor holiday markets for fresh gros souper ingredients. Prepare this traditional seven-course feast on Christmas Eve, followed by 13 deserts!* Revel in provencal carols at Midnight Mass, where villagers bring little lambs to the creche. Visit and contact us soon for availability.

*These 13 traditional deserts are non-labor intensive and can be enjoyed with little preparation.

For our little guide to enjoying Christmas in Provence, including recipes for gros-super and traditional deserts, send us an email with Joyeux Noël in the subject line.

Nearly 20 years ago, we found our own French home in a sun-drenched village in Provence. Since then, we've restored other charming village properties and introduced countless friends and guests to la vie fran
çaise. Now, we can't wait to share our passion for provencal life and rent our homes to you.

Provencal screen savers

If you'd like one of these images as your screen-saver, send us an email with 'screen-saver' in the subject line. We'll send you all eight photos with our compliments.

little saintsSantons, or little saints  are traditional provençal figurines sculpted of wood, clay or pastry and carefully dressed to represent various professions.  Butcher, baker, fishmonger, wine merchant, shoemaker.

Farm animals and biblical characters are also represented.

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