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The Mooney Twins Present The Corporate Credit Dream Team & Credit Line Wiz Kid Tonight.
The Mooney Twins have partnered with Wealth Industries and the corporate credit line "Wiz Kid" to help minority groups get dream ventures off the ground! The Wiz Kid's presentation is loaded with start-up secrets and important information to keep businesses affloat and to help them thrive. Come out tonight and take this incredible opportunity to learn about incorporating your existant business, or new business idea. The Dream Team is prepared to walk you through from start to finish and help your business succeed with corporate lines of credit, separate from your personal credit profile. Finance your business within a short amount of time! 

Start your dream business now. 
Empower Your Dreams
Wednesday 7PM, June 25 2008
K.R.S.T. Unity Center
7825 South Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047

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The Mooney Twins 
(323) 606-1746 Daryl Mooney
(323) 823-4969 Dwayne Mooney

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Please be our guest...
Corporate credit
enthusiasts and business expert CEO of Wealth Industries, the "Wiz Kid"  is in town. Due to an immediate opening in scheduling,  he has agreed to appear at K.R.S.T Unity Center in Los Angeles, Wednesday July 25, 2008, to speak and announce his collaboration with The Mooney Twins Network and the formation of the Corporate Credit Dream Team. 
Come out for an incredible opportunity to speak with the credit line Wiz Kid.  Join us and prepare to start livin' the dream.


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Money For Your Business Now
Wednesday July 25, 2008
Start Living The Dream

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The Mooney Twins Network welcomes the newest member to the family:
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Senior Executive,  Billie Jordan to facilitate the Mooney Twins with delivering the most current and relevant business, investment and lifestyle  information available.
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