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TOP 12 BOOK PICKS Wow. These books will uplift you, inspire you, and help you fall in love again with love. What a way to relish Valentine's Day! All make great gifts. Enjoy our Valentine's Day Top 12 Book Pick List. Save this book list for all year round! A great resource tool for you.


Iron ButterfliesIRON BUTTERFLIES by Birute Regine captures a powerful time of transition in our society, largely off the radar screen and led by women. Through their personal stories of struggle as well as achievement, women from many walks of life show how we can all unfold our wings and join the kaleidoscope of Iron Butterflies that are gathering and transforming themselves and the world.

Fit2LoveFIT2LOVE by award-winning personal trainer/author JJ Flizanes. Are you fed up with your search for true love? Or in a relationship that's left you feeling empty, unloved, and unhappy? JJ was in your shoes, and manifested the love of her life in three weeks! Her groundbreaking book shows you how to turn your life and love life around - as it connects the body and mind with matters of the heart!

Man WhispererTHE MAN WHISPERER, as seen on DAYTIME, FOX NEWS & more, has all the tips you need to make men want to please you in every way! Whether single, married or looking for love, this book shows women how to have the romantic relationship of their dreams and still be in charge of their lives.

On Toby's TermsON TOBY'S TERMS by author Charmaine Hammond shares rich life lessons learned from Toby, her family dog. It is an endearing story of a beguiling creature who teaches his owners that, despite their trying to teach him how to be the dog they want, he lays out the terms of being the dog he needs to be. This insight changes their lives forever.

Angel & Brown-EyedTHE ANGEL & THE BROWN-EYED BOY by Sandy Nathan. In a future age only heartbeats from our own, Eliana comes to Earth to save her planet. Jeremy, a 16-year-old genius, lives on a ruined Earth only 24 hours from destruction. Together, they must try to save their worlds . . . and find each other. On Amazon and

LivingwithCertaintyLIVING WITH CERTAINTY: EXPERIENCE DEEP-SOUL JOY written by Kristi LeBlanc was named "Best New Non-Fiction Book of 2010" by USA Book News. Written in an intimate fashion, you'll find out how to live with profound levels of love, connection, compassion, and joy. Definitely a blueprint for how the most fulfilled people approach their spirituality, thoughts, actions, relationships, beliefs, gratitude, and progress.

BirthingElephantBIRTHING THE ELEPHANT: THE WOMAN'S GO-FOR-IT! GUIDE TO OVERCOMING THE BIG CHALLENGES OF LAUNCHING A BUSINESS. Romance your dream of starting a business! Part portable success coach, part action guide to the launch cycle of a business start-up,Birthing the Elephant takes you step by step through the first 22 months of a new venture, showing you smart moves to make and pitfalls to avoid.

LeavingwithLoveLEAVING WITH LOVE: ETERNAL MESSAGES FROM THE HEART by Gayla Gabriel. Create an everlasting Loveprint! Transform this exquisite book into a personalized keepsake as you write upon the pages and fill the envelopes with messages, personal information, and love letters.

Friday MorningFRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE by Marilyn Brant. The story of three women who meet weekly for coffee and conversation. But one day, spurred by emails from her college ex, one friend asks: What if we married the wrong man? Chose the wrong life? And what would happen if, just once, we gave in to temptation...? (Doubleday Book Club Pick!)


Marrying George ClooneyMARRYING GEORGE CLOONEY: Confessions From A Midlife Crisis While awake in the middle of the night, author Amy Ferris chronicles every bit of her hysterical, heartbreaking, honest thoughts, from Googling old boyfriends to arranging care for her mother who has both severe dementia and a massive crush on Jesus Christ. It's about giving birth to yourself.


Petals From The SkyPETALS FROM THE SKY by Mingmei Yip. Between devotion and surrender lies a world of discovery. A Buddhist, interracial love story set in Hong Kong, China, Manhattan, and Paris - the story is about a Chinese woman who escaped to be a Buddhist Nun only to realize she had run away from her heart. A genuine love story.

A JOURNEY OF HEALING is an award-winning book of uplifting prose and photographs of wrought-iron gates that inspires people to open the gate to a new life. It reflects author Carolyn CJ Jones' journey from feelings of worthlessness and deep despair to joy and peace. This is a work of art, as well as of hope.