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SW Blogger Team - October/2010

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Issue 91
CIRCULATION: 5,155 (and growing!)

Nancy, RaiahI wrote in the last newsletter, "I will be more involved with Spirited Woman as a writer, speaker, and leader."

And even though I have led this community for eight years, many of you don't know how personally challenging that has been for me. Or maybe you do.

Speaking out. Having a voice. Letting it be heard. Asking. Reaching out. These are all things that are contrary to my nature. But, I was put on this earth for a reason. And no matter how many fears I had, I was compelled by my spirit to keep going to greatness. As are you.

We all need teachers along the way. And they come in all sizes. The little girl in the picture is Raiah, a daughter of my friend Stacy. Raiah will not take "no" for an answer. The kid is fearless. So I let Raiah be my teacher.

And my human reminder, that voices come in all shapes, heights and ages, and that within each Spirited Woman is a seed of courage that we are born with. And it's free.

So I salute all of you - for being that Spirited Woman - and shouting out your voice to the world.

Tomorrow, I will be sending out a survey. I truly appreciate you filling it out and being a part of this community. I REALLY need to LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE, so I can make Spirited Woman a place that better fulfills your needs.

To Voices Being Heard!

Nancy Mills
Founder, The Spirited Woman

Vision 2011VISION 2011 with BARBARA BIZIOU - Life Coach and author of The Joy of Ritual. NOW is the time to claim your voice, claim your power and "Be" the soul-ution that you've been seeking. Ignite your creativity through art (Vision Collage), movement, meditation, practical exercises, sound and ritual (Fire Ceremony). Weekend of 1/28-1/30, Wheel of Wellbeing, LA 90024 212-741-3358.

Katherine MetcalfASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR VALENTINE'S DAY - by International Astrologer Katherine Metcalf. Give your partner a truly unique gift! Insightful. Accurate. Enjoy reading it together. Giggle at funny truths. Receive an 8-15 page written report for only $20.00! Offer just for Spirited Woman readers; an amazing deal. Order must be received by Feb 8th by e-mail: or call: 623-330-0861.

Breathe into BeingBREATHE INTO BEING by Dennis Lewis will help you awaken to a larger perspective in which you can receive new, direct impressions of the truth in your life. Learn to release constricting physical and emotional tensions by becoming conscious of your body as a sacred temple leading to the source of all being.

STACY ROBIN'S SISTER NEEDS A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT - My sister (Patricia Weitsman) is gravely ill and in need of a bone marrow transplant. To be part of the registry to find her a match you can go to: and they will send you out a cheek swab kit. Or please call me at 310-993-1246.

SEEKING A FEMALE ROOMMATE to share rent/utilities in 2 bed/1 bath guesthouse in Venice. Washer/dryer, backyard, storage room, parking. Nice, quiet neighborhood, pets allowed. $500/mo. plus $500 sec. deposit. Walking distance to bus stop. Close to market, pharmacy, other stores, & restaurants. Please call (310) 431 -8258 to see apt. Seeking permanent roommate, at least 6 mo. or longer.

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