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TOP 12 BOOK PICKS! Reading is a favorite Spirited Woman past time - and we just had to put together a Top 12 book pick list just for you! There are so many talented writers in our community (many who have been on the Spirited Woman radar for years and many who are self-published) that I wanted to share them with you. I urge you to buy their books and save this list! There are some great reads (from mysteries to inspiration) on it! Wow.

Croissant CoverCOURAGE AND CROISSANTS, HOT NEW BOOK by Spirited Woman Author. Ever wonder how to bring the tranquility, balance and joie de vivre of a Provencal afternoon into your lifestyle - wherever you live? Curl up with Courage and Croissants, Inspiring Joyful Living.  BUY YOUR BOOK NOW! Free E-LifestylePlanner to first ten purchasers - Put Spirited Woman in Instruction box.  [email protected]  415.272-0169

GREEN: SURVIVING THE MURDER OF SELF is an intimate Green Surviving Murder Coveraccount of D. Malone's journey and how she learned to overcome life's experiences and challenges through understanding perspective and perception. Malone candidly discloses her survival of various forms of abuse from emotional, mental, and sexual perpetrated by others to abuse caused by her own hand by embracing the spirited woman within herself.

Chiron and Wholeness CoverCHIRON AND WHOLENESS: A PRIMER. Discover Chiron, the key that unlocks your astrology chart! This 40-page, illustrated e-book by Astrologer Joyce Mason helps you open the gifts hidden in pain, including your true vocation. Don't know your Chiron sign and house? Send [email protected] your birth data. Look-up free with purchase. Buy on The Radical Virgo ( or Only $7.95.

DYING FOR A DATE is a breezy story about a newly divorcedDying For A Date Cover soccer mom who joins a dating agency and winds up as a murder suspect. Cindy Sample turned her on-line dating adventures as a single mom/CEO into this summer's funniest read. A 5-star review from Rebecca's Reads calls it "a delightful romantic mystery by a talented new author with wonderful humor, intriguing characters and an entertaining plot." Go to for Cindy's Hot Flash dating tips.

AN ISLAND PERSPECTIVE. Most of us could use a little practiceIsland Perspective Cover in managing our thoughts more effectively. In Steve Ludwigs' new book, we return to the mythical tropical island of Alumanaya to explore the five principles of Wind, Sand, Palm, Ocean and Light in greater depth. We discover how we can all find our own inner island and path to tranquility.

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I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth To Do. Ever wondered what you were truly meant to do in life? Felt you have a higher calling? Career intuitive Sue Frederick shows you the way in this first-ever book to combine ancient mystical teachings with current career knowledge. An intuitive since childhood, trained as a career counselor, Sue reveals how to read destiny clues (the way she reads them for clients) and teaches you to tap into your own intuitive guidance.

Scrambled Leggs CoverSCRAMBLED LEGGS: A SNARKY TALE OF HOSPITAL HOOEY. What does a ship, ice skates and a wheelchair have in common? No Brakes.  No problem. Sally was thinking she could roll over the railings, thanks to childhood gymnastics. "Scrambled Leggs" is a hilarious Amazon Best Seller about a way too long hospital stay. Mark Victor Hanson, Dave Barry, Jonathan Winters, and W. Mitchell all tout her writing. See why.

BEING WITH HIM is the first in Jessica Inclan's paranormalBeing With Him Cover romance trilogy, available in paperback and kindle. Mila Adams can't help feeling she has a soul mate who might understand her unique abilities. When she looks into the eyes of financial whiz Garrick McClellan, time feels as if it has opened up-and Garrick recognizes her as his partner in power.

ACCIDENTAL COWGIRL: SIX COWS, NO HORSE AND Accidental Cowgirl NO CLUE is a memoir by Mary Lynn Archibald. "In 1990 we heard the wilderness call to us, and, God help us, we answered...People tried to tell us that 'The Simple Life' wasn't so simple, but we weren't listening. We took one look at Twin Creeks Ranch and fell in love."

3MPH: THE ADVENTURES OF ONE WOMAN'S WALK AROUND THE WORLD. Polly Letofsky headed across 22 countries, over 14,000 miles - by foot - to become the first woman to walk around the world. As a global awareness effort for breast cancer, strangers across 4 continents invited her into their homes embracing her. But in the middle of her journey 9/11 flung us into a crossroads in history, and Polly found herself navigating a vastly changing world. "This book is exceptional!"-Tattered Cover Bookstore

Wealthy Spirit CoverTHE WEALTHY SPIRIT: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction by spirited woman Chellie Campbell, creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction´┐Ż Workshops. "Read a page a day to multiply your money, decrease your stress and vastly improve your life and lifestyle!" - Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

EVERY WORD HAS POWER: Switch on Your Language and Turn Every Word NewOn Your Life. Learn the secret code to the language of success. Author and renown Communications Trainer Yvonne Oswald's proven compelling techniques bring you into contact with everything you want to have, be, do. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your inner voice talk to you with excitement, encouragement, or speak softly to you with a sense of harmony and joy?

Would you like your book to be "showcased" in our upcoming Fall or Holiday top picks book list? Let me know about your book. Call Nancy at 805-698-3555 or via e-mail: [email protected].