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Hi IGC Members,

We are pleased to introduce our New IGC Members Only Business Digest
We know that you are inundated with lots of information and communication - we are too! Through this business digest, however, we will share with you some of the best news on small business ideas, models, and innovation that we discover.
We have filtered interesting information that makes us think differently and critically about entrepreneurship and our business. We hope it will challenge and enhance your thinking too!
In the coming Digests you will find at least 4 sections:
Mindset: Topic-based thoughts from A & A
Business LookBook: An interesting, innovative, and thought-generating business or business concept.
Clippings: Relevent and thought-provoking articles and news
Musings: A recap of our blog posts
keep thinking,
Adelaide & Amy
The Company You Keep 
Before we started IGC, we knew there was an opportunity to bring together a community of women business owners that could educate, support, and learn from one another. This was much of the force of the idea behind of In Good Company Workplaces. The community of IGC members today is everything we hoped to create and more! In this past year "our experiment" has amazed, valiated, and inspired us. The possibilities and potential are great though. We know this is just the beginning and that there is much more to come!

One area where we have been motivated to start a new initiative is in the exchange of news, stories, studies, and examples that highlight entrepreneurship and leadership from beyond our community. (Hence, this new communication in your inbox.) We believe that, in addition to a strong peer community, it is really important to learn from companies and leaders of all kinds, big and small. Beyond just functional expertise or tools and resources, there is a world of examples that can help you to foster the innovation and critical thinking necessary for building a business that has value to you. What you see and learn about other businesses and leaders can directly inform the way you run your business, the direction you take your business, or the very content of what your business does!

We have modeled pieces of In Good Company after interesting principles and ideas that we have learned from alternative businesses and models, such as real estate companies, nonprofits, bakeries, clothing designers/manufacturers, authors and creators, academics, and the like...

It is our intention and hope that "The Company You Keep" can serve as an additional vehicle for you to receive information about interesting and innovative businesses, trends, leaders, and great thinking. We, of course, welcome your thoughts, input, reactions, and comments as a part of the process!
Business LookBook
Valerie Casey 
So we are actually leading off this inaugural section by featuring Valerie Casey - a woman who is actually NOT a business owner, per se, though her initiative has morphed into a non-profit.
Valerie, who is a digital media expert and works at design powerhouse IDEO, was featured in Fast Company because of her industry leadership and vision. Socially conscious and passionate about the environment, Valerie decided to try and influence those in her field by creating the Designers Accord, informally known as the Kyoto Treaty of Design.
The Accord has signers pledge to reduce their organization's carbon footprint, raise social and environmental impact with every client and product, and collaborate with one another (which the article states is rare in such a competitive industry).
So far, 100,000 people have signed!
Casey explains that with regards to her initiative, "Our goal isn't to create anything. It's to re-create our mindset".
Reading this piece, made us stop and think...
* Who are the leaders in your industry that you admire and WHY?
* In what ways can you take up a leadership role within your industry?
* What would you like to see your industry doing that they are not? What can you do to bring that vision to a reality?
* What can you do to practice and encourage healthier business practices and collaboration?
Noteworthy News and Articles  
This is been a great month in all our favorite publications!
let's start with INC Magazine...
and one of our most favorite features from the year: Cool & Determined Under 30, there is some inspiration for you! Look at what these guys are up to! The yearly feature is written by author Donna Fenn - a writer that we like a whole lot! There are a few women featured, in particular Leah Culver of Pownce, a online sharing and communication site, and Una Kim of Keep Company, which makes cool-looking and funcational skate-boarding shoes for women.
Say it like it is writer and entrepreneur, Norm Brodsky, writes an interesting article in his Street Smarts Column called "Secrets of a $110 Million Man". While we hope he is refering to himself rather than the generic man, he nonetheless highlights several key success principles, which we couldnt agree with more. 
Our two favorite points:
Point #1: Numbers Run a Business. If you don't know how to read them, you are flying blind.
Point #4: Forget about shortcuts. Run a business as if it is forever.
and lastly, Inc has a full length feature on Harmonix, the company that created Guitar Hero & Rock Band. Just a little tid bit for you all...Did you know they have been in business (and struggling) since 1995! I'm just saying...there is no such thing as an overnight success!!
The story of their journey is a fascinating one, and one that includes double mortgages, living in parents attics, failed products, etc. The silver lining is that the partner duo stayed together through all of the bad and never stopped believing that they could build something great!
Also, Fortune & Newsweek have been featuring women & leadership issues!
Fortune 50 Most Powerful Women (written by IGC friend Jessica Shambora!). You can follow Jessica and Pattie Sellers on Postcards Blog. The blog contains many interesting clips (from the most powerful women summit) of leaders weighing in on the current financial crisis.
Newsweek featured first-hand accounts from 10 women moguls including designer Anna Sui, and Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter, a beauty company that has "changed the way people think about African American consumers".
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We are looking forward to your thoughts & feedback on this new publication!
All the best,
Adelaide & Amy