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Let the kids help you get the house holiday ready with Clean' n' Flips. 

Three Cleans  

Homeschool Fun


 Activity Bags (E-Books)  are the perfect
solution to help keep children busy while you
homeschool your older ones, do laundry, or
just want to put your feet up and sip some tea.

These hands-on learning games are so much fun, your children won't want to put them down!


Homemaker Journey


Great prices - Good fun!
Maple Leaves
Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday. I love the focus on counting our blessings and the time spent enjoying family without all the commercialism that can so often taint Christmas celebrations.

I hope you're able to take some time to relax over the next couple of weeks and just enjoy your time together. To help you do just that, I'm sharing some fun art ideas the whole family can enjoy as well as lots of ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving in your home and homeschool.


Happy Homeschooling!


Fun with Art

I've run across a few unusual art ideas recently, that my children have really enjoyed. I bet yours will, too. I like these projects because they were enjoyed equally by my 10, 12 and 14 year olds.


For this project, draw an outline of your hand, then draw lines, freehand, across the page, but skip over the outline of your hand. Then, go back and fill in the hand outline with curved arcs. This makes for a neat illusion.



 Homemaker Journey

These "tornado worms" are similar in concept. I love that they turn out completely different depending on how you create your arcs or color them in. Visit this site for more examples and click here for detailed instructions.


Homemaker Journey 



Thanksgiving Fun
Here are some super creative ideas to enjoy with your children this Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dena, Jennie & Marillee
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