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 "Some men are friends with the whole world in their hearts, and there are others that hate themselves and spread their hatred around like butter on hot bread."
Samuel, East of Eden
I'm sure that you probably know someone who is friends with everyone they meet, or at least tries to be- maybe you are that person?
I'm sure you also know someone who is not totally comfortable in their own skin and has negative issues with many of those around them and damn, that's hard. These kind of people always tend to affect others in a detrimental manner and that's a bummer.

When you work hard at being kind to these people there is often a positive result and that person will come around, soften up and be open and loving...because we are all capable of this.
Heck, I've spent periods of time in my life not comfortable with who I am and my own actions and it's tough and it makes you hurt others whether you mean to or not.
But more importantly, during these times in my life when I've been out of sorts, the people that were kind and loving to me were the ones that helped me change and grow and become a better person.

So today, look inside yourself, stop for a second- take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if there is someone that needs your kindness- and then honor that.

If I take care of and love my wife and my son and my partners and my close friends then it spreads---the love and the good nature and the generosity.
But if I'm hurting and I choose to hurt others, that spreads too, just like Samuel says in the above quote from East of Eden- "hatred can be spread around butter on hot bread."

I know it sounds a little Mr. Rogersy but tell yourself to love people today and you will.
I'm asking for peace and patience and love and motivation to flow through me today from outside of myself- because if I don't have help it can be really hard.

And I am so blessed to have others around me that help me love and focus on the bigger picture.

I hope that you are too.

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