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Keep in shape this Christmas!
We want you to enjoy your Christmas celebrations and have plenty of energy to party the night away so please read our tips below on how to eat, drink, be merry and still stay in shape!
We have also teamed up with the Pure Package Company, more details in the New Year and they given us some tips too.
Have a great Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year
Chrissie, Debbie & your trainer at LAPF
Read this: It will fire up your resolve-and your enthusiasm for staying on target and not losing all your hard earned fitness over Xmas
 December is probably the worst time of year where most people use excuse after excuse as to why they are letting themselves get out of shape during "the holidays".
So with this newsletter, I just want to give you some tips and motivation to do the opposite of what most people are going to do this Christmas, and get yourself in BETTER shape during this busy season. This doesn't mean that you have to deprive yourself of anything during your parties with friends and family, but it DOES mean that you have to be sensible and stick to your fitness and nutrition plan when you're not in party mode.
Ok, I know we all may have a lot of family gatherings and Christmas parties to go to during this time, but saying that you don't have time to keep yourself in shape is basically admitting that your health and fitness is not a priority in your life. If it was a priority, you'd make time.
So let's commit to a pact that we will not use the lack of time excuse this holiday season. Instead, if there are days that you don't feel that you have time to do a full workout, schedule a 15 minute workout out for yourself at least 4 days/week either before or after work, or at whatever time you can fit in a 15 minute workout at home.
Anybody can fit in 15 minutes... that's all it takes. However, those 15 minutes need to be full of high intensity exercises that work your entire body. Even doing just some bodyweight circuits at home can keep you in great shape.
For example, you can rotate through 5 or 6 exercises such as lunges, bodyweight squats, pushups, mountain climbers, and lying leg thrusts in a circuit fashion, alternating between them for as many sets as you can do in that 15 minute time period.
If you work hard enough, you can get a great full body workout in only 15 minutes and then be ready to go for whatever holiday activities are on your schedule.
Right do not think of December as just one massive free-for-all bingefest. This doesn't make any sense to put your body through this. For example, even if you were extremely busy with parties and gatherings and let's say you have 6parties/gatherings to go to during the next two weeks, that is still only 6 days out of 14 that you're going to be surrounded by party food for only a small time each day.
This means that if you're still eating super-healthy during the 8 other days and also during the other time available on the party days, you can easily still have at least 90% compliance with your healthy diet. If you can have 90% compliance, it is quite easy to stay lean instead of packing on the lbs during the holidays.
The important thing to keep reminding yourself is that the ONLY time you are going to cheat is during the parties and gatherings and not before, after, or for the entire two week period.
So enjoy your Christmas but aim to stay on track.  
 There are NO EXCUSES.
 There's no reason at all to wait until January to start on your fitness program, when it should really be a part of your everyday lifestyle.
Extract taken from Mike Geary - truth about abs
Glad tidings we bring...

The Pure Package company ( offer you their top tips to help you get through the social season.
The festive season is nearly upon us which means parties, parties and more parties. The Pure Package experts offer their top tips to help you not only get through the social season but help you tone up and lose weight.
Energy - to keep you dancing till dawn. The best source of primary energy is carbohydrates; make sure you are eating good wholesome ones that will line your stomach & prevent peaking too soon. Alcohol is high in sugars so balance this out with some raw nuts/seeds.
Essential Fats - Eat plenty of oily fish, raw nuts & seeds. This will counter act the build up of acid that is produced from eating larger portions & richer foods, reducing inflammation (headaches, aching bones and joints)
Digestion - eat lots of fibre. Fibre helps to clear out toxins increasing the effectiveness of your liver. This results in a glowing complexion, luscious locks and can help shed a few pounds
That Bloated Feeling - Try to avoid wheat, refined carbohydrates and sugars at least a week before the special event. Refined carbohydrates make bacteria in our gut produce gas therefore bloating our tummies. Avoid bread and wheat based cereals. Opt for Rye instead.
Exercise - exercising produces endorphins which are the happy chemicals that give you that buzz. Doing at least 40 minutes of exercise a day will help you tone up, remove toxins faster and improve your skin
For more information on getting healthy, balanced meals delivered direct to your door, contact The Pure Package on 08456 123 888 or 

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your puddings be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Christmas dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!
Best wishes,

Chrissie & Debbie
The London Academy of Personal Fitness

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