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First of all - Congratulations!! on the birth of your baby- and congratulations on getting through the pain that goes with it!!
The purpose of this brief newletter is to inform you of the benefits and procedures for getting physically back in shape after the birth!
Don't feel pressured - do it when you're ready- just read the information provided to help you stay informed.
Best wishes,
Chrissies- and all at LAPF
P.S. and again - well done!!
When should I start training after the birth?
As soon as you feel able...

The doctor and midwife will advise you  to wait until your 6 week check - In reality this is a little bit of an arbitrary estimate but is probably a good guide as to when you will feel slighly recoverd and more able to even think of exercise!
As soon as it pops into your mind that you feel you're ready to try then that's when you can do some basic exericses to help you feel half human again and eventaully you can begin to put some regular exercise in place.
What happens if I have had a ceasarean ?
The doctor and midwife will advise you  to wait until your 12 week check - In reality you can start slightly earlier if your scar is healing perfectly and you have proper personalised 1-1 training at home.
Read on for more information about when you can start exercising.
Why is post natal exercise good for me?
Don't beat yourself up about it!

Post natal exercise will help you improve your figure  - but do it when you're ready
There are small exercises you can do everyday  - while you breast feed for example (in the early days)
There are also longer groups of exercises that you can start to introduce each week
Click here to see read up on some great abdominal exercises you can do
How do I get started?
Call us and we'll get you going again!

You can book for 10 sessions - Because you are a past client of ours we will give you a free session-worth 75!
You can book a 1.5 hour 'Body Rebuild'  training session - This costs 75 and will be delivered by Chrissie, leaving you with a programme of exercises you can work on alone and use to rebuild your strength and tone
You can order Chrissie's book on Ceasarean Recovery - Even if you haven't had a C-section there are many useful exercise in the book that are relevant for all postnatal women 
Best wishes from all at
Please do get in touch with us again and we'll do all we can to help you recover from the birth and get that fit body back!
Any advice, exercise tips (and opinions) freely given!
Call us now and ask for our special offers for our clients who have just given birth!!
Information on post-natal recovery
You can get a flat somach back 
Even if you didn't have one before!

Talk to LAPF  -
About the best exercises to start with in the first few weeks.
There are gentle exercise you can do from day 1.
Also you need to check out if you have rectus diastasis as this will dicate the kind of stomach curls you perform.
Other issues:
For your information:
Looking after your back is a priority
these ideas are for when you are pregnant but can be done post-natally as well.
Click here for how to help back pain 

 Try (ha!) to get a good night's sleep-
Click here to read good sleep tips
You may struggle to fit exercise in to your busy day here are some tips to help you fit it all in!
You may need to adjust your eating habits-
Click here to read some great tips on eating
Beach girl
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