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Autumn 2008
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What the trainers are up to...
New motivation tool
What a Star!
What is Chrissie up to!
Congratulations to three of our trainers Sophy, Silvie & Vicky who have just given birth! They are all doing really well and keeping healthy and fit. Just goes to show you how important fitness is!
Sadly Vicky is moving away so won't be coming back to our team for the time being but we always keep an opening for good trainers - and lots of them do return!
We'd also like to bring to your attention Kathy Yvanovich, who was one of our first trainers (when we started building the team back in 1995), and is now back with us after updating her skills. She offers NLP and Reiki and offers a comprehensive life coach programme. Brett has also joined us (from South Africa) and specialises in muscle sculpting  and fat loss- so ask for him by name if you like the sound of that! 
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butt lift 

Katy OReilly

has also joined us and is well up on kick boxing, she can also offer massage and stone therapy for relaxation sessions.
Don't forget we offer all kinds of massage and mental therapies where the therapist will come to you.
We also have Victoria who is our resident sports injury and rehabilitation expert so if you need any advice on anything body wise  from posture to tendonitis then do let us know and Victoria can come and visit or offer advice by phone.

Hi there,
Hope you had a good summer. I know it was terrible weather but hopefully you still had fun. Now autumn is here it is a great time to get fully into your training again so that you have lost any excess body fat and pushed energy levels up in time for December. If you need an extra boost call us for more ideas on how to get motivated- we have lots of them.
Best wishes,
Chrissie & Debbie
Introducing the Progress Log
We are introducing a new way of logging your progress! It is called the progress log. It's a simple sheet marked with a variety of exercises that you will have done with your trainer (and no doubt learned to hate by now!). Every quarter we will be asking the trainer to fill out the sheet (and therefore get you doing some work) and note down what your current level of achievement on each exercise is. This will be kept as a record (and we'll email you a copy) so that you can see, more clearly, your progress and just how far you've come. 
Also: If you ever stop training with us you can always come back to us remind yourself of the level you reached and have it as a great bench mark. (In the case of some clients we've also got photos! You know who you are K!!)
fresh foodNutrition
We have been putting some new nutritional packs together so please check them out to see if there's something useful for you.
If you want to give these as Xmas presents to someone who needs them let us know and we will send a voucher- or just use them to get yourself nutrition boosted!
If you've already done some work on your diet but want to take it to the next level then try this:
Fine tune your eating to get your health to the next level
 The programme includes:
  • Food sensitivity test  - You will need to supply 4 strands of hair
  • Nutrient and mineral deficiency test - You will also need another 4 strands of hair!
  • Dietary analysis -you will need you to keep a 4 day diary-emailed daily to him along with information about how you're feeling each day!
  • Questionnaire- Jacques will want to know your top 10 favourite foods and 10 preferred meals to further adapt your nutritional needs
  • Chefs shake up! Your very own 1-1 cookery demonstration of a super fast way to prepare a nutritiously balanced meal.
  • Click here for prices & further details
What a Star! 
Patricia 1Congratulations to Patricia Adler, a client since Jan 08.  Patricia came to us wanting to "reclaim her motivation for exercise and improve her energy levels" and was looking to do a 10k run. 
She initially did a 5K charity run, and then in May completed a 10K.  Next Patricia completed a Triathlon Sprint in June 08 (where she came 141st out of 158), and now in September 08 has completed her second one (coming in as 48th of 144 participants).  Patricia has for the last 6 months been training with Tim, so Well done to Patricia on all your hard work and for acheiving so much! and Well done to Tim for all the support and encourgagement!  Patricia 2
What Chrissie is up to!

Just to keep you informed Chrissie has been lecturing on various courses over the past year. She is currently lecturing in Nutrition at Morley college in Waterloo and has also completed some lecturing for Fitness Instructor Level 1 & 2 at Brixton prison!
Her latest book, "Boxercise" is due out in January 09 and brings her total fitness releases to 14, check out Amazon to see them all!
Chrissie's husband Tony (who runs a Company fitness programme and has taught for LAPF) is also writing currently on the Sunday Telegraph's "life coach" panel - using Chrissie's input on certain questions of course!

Thanks again for reading this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Speak to you soon,
Chrissie & all at LAPF

Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy
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