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Welcome to Spring
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Races to aim for
Salad suprising ideas
Calculate your BMR

Races coming up!

Why not set your self a real goal to work toward in the next few months?
Having a real race to work on will really keep you on track when training and focus your mind too!
Your trainer will work with you to make sure you're up to speed for the big day!
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May 2007

Hope you are well- and here's hoping your are enjoying some of the spring weather we are finally getting!!
Here is our latest newsletter packed with interesting tips and bits of information we hope you will find useful.
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We are here to support you (and your training) as much as we can!
Best wishes,
Chrissie & Debbie
Roll on the Salad days!
Spring is here, the grass is riz,
I wonder where the birdies is?
Some say the bird is on the wing
but that's absurd! The wing is on the bird!
Spring is a great time to get into eating salads and fresh, raw vegetables again. After the warmth of soups and stews in those grey winter months a fresh salad seems like a fresh start!
If you're lacking any spring ideas contact Jacques via our website :Jacques
Or click the link below for some great salad combining ideas!
Click here for great salad ideas
Losing fat figures
scales Use the correct information
I have been lecturing at Morley College, the adult and FE College in central London for over 10 years now.
I teach courses on how to become a personal trainer and how to assess someone's fitness levels and various other courses in exercise and health.
Recently I have taken on teaching some modules in Nutrition for the foundation course - prior to students beginning a degree in Nutritional studies.
In going over some of the information it made me think that I should remind you of some of the basic metabolism figures you may have forgotten!
If you are trying to lose wieght- these are the latest figures:
You need to work out your Basal Metabolism Rate.
This is calculated by:
multiplying your weight (in lbs) by a figure (that most experts now agree) is between 14 and 18 (depending on your activity levels.)
This will give you a figure - click here to trial yours :BMR calculator (scroll down)
Once you have this figure you know how many caloires you need to maintain your current weight.
Therefore if you want to lose weight you will need to bring this figure down each day.
Don't forget 3500 calories = 1lb of weight!
Thus if you cut 500 caloires off your BMR (either by cutting down eating or boosting up your exercise regime) then you could lose 1lb in 1 week!
Need more help with this? Call us on 0870 4423231 & we'll be happy to help
Keep well!

Chrissie, Debbie and all at LAPF
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