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award2009 IEG Good Practice Award Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 IEG Good Practice Awards. These awards recognize strong World Bank performance in design, implementation, and/or monitoring and evaluation that contributes to positive development outcomes.

For more information about the Awards and a look at last this year's winners, visit the IEG Awards site.

municipalPodcast: Managing Cities Around the World

IEG assessed the relevance, efficacy and efficiency of the World Bank's programs and activities, and its contribution to development.

In this podcast Roy Gilbert, task manager of IEG spars with Judy Baker, lead economist in the urban development unit of the World Bank, over IEG's latest report "Improving Municipal Management for Cities to Succeed."

Listen to the Podcast | Visit the Website | Download the Report

Spotlight on Morocco Water Management: The Lakhdar Watershed Management Pilot and the Water Resources Management Projects

IEG assessed the Lakhdar Watershed Management Pilot Project implemented in Morocco by the World Bank in fiscal 1999-2004. The project aimed to pilot test participatory approaches to improve land use and natural resource management in the High Atlas Mountains. More than 2 million people-among the poorest in Morocco-live in the Lakhdar Watershed, using agricultural practices that rely on environmentally destructive techniques. These have resulted in a substantial decline in agricultural production and increased risk of flooding.

Click here for IEG's evaluation and ratings for this project.
water resource managementIEG also assessed the Water Resources Management Project implemented by the World Bank in Morocco from fiscal 1998 to 2004. In 1995 the Moroccan government passed a comprehensive water law to reform its water sector, as it sought to address overtaxed groundwater resources and decreasing reservoir levels. The objectives for the WRMP were to help the government of Morocco promote comprehensive water management that would be economically efficient, equitable, and environmentally sustainable. The project aimed to support the establishment of an institutional framework for integrated water resources management and the creation of one River Basin Agency, improve capacity in water resources planning and management, improve water use efficiency, increase the effectiveness of the existing hydraulic infrastructure, and introduce water pollution control measures.

Click here for IEG's evaluation and ratings for the project.
About The Independent Evaluation Group
The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) is an independent unit within the World Bank; it reports directly to the Bank's Board of Executive Directors. IEG assesses what works, and what does not; how a borrower plans to run and maintain a project; and the lasting contribution of the Bank to a country's overall development. The goals of evaluation are to learn from experience, to provide an objective basis for assessing the results of the Bank's work, and to provide accountability in the achievement of its objectives. It also improves Bank work by identifying and disseminating the lessons learned from experience and by framing recommendations drawn from evaluation findings.
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