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June 2010
At the bottom of this newsletter is a discount code for patterns in our new pattern cart. We've been tinkering around with our website and finally found a way to make getting SWTC patterns easier. Want more info? Read on!

We are always looking for new ways to make sure you have all of the details about SWTC yarns and the beautiful patterns to go with them. Many of our patterns are free with the purchase of SWTC yarns when you buy them at your favorite local yarn store. Make sure to ask when you buy our yarns!  Please support these wonderful merchants whenever you can. They are your best resource. We know that getting to a yarn store isn't always an option, so we also make our patterns available for you to purchase on several online venues. With pattern in hand, you can order online or call your LYS to get our yarns.

This week,we launched our newSWTC Pattern Store, one more online venue to help you get your favorite SWTC patterns faster and easier! Whether you just want to browse and see them all or grab a few of your favorites, our new pattern store is up and ready for your shopping fun. Register today and get $2 off your pattern purchase (thats 50% off most patterns!) Share the code with your knitting pals...its a great deal.

when you check out!

We're very excited to have several new patterns designed by the very talented Vladmira Cmorej.  OMG! arrived at SWTC this week so make sure to check out the pattern OMG! Its gorgeous. There was no other name that suited that beautiful top better. It really is a standout. Cortenay is also a beauty featuring SWTC Tranquility. Its really flattering to the figure.

toe jam closeup

            Patterns for Big Girls : FOUND HERE!

Make sure to notice the tab for PATTERNS BY TYPE. Here you will find our wonderful collection of BIG GIRL SIZES. These patterns offer extended sizes for girls up to 5X on many of the designs. We've got something for everyone.



Amy Polcyn dreamed up Naira in SWTC Bamboo. Easy is the word on this. Naira is 3 rectangles.. and you have insta-glamour.

       Grab your needles ...and this yarn....   and this pattern to start yours now. 


        Islander Scarf
Choose your 3 favorite colors of Tofutsies Solids and knit this fabulous scarf. Its almost 6 ft long when done and wraps around for a flirty and playful finish to your summer outfit.


SWTC Bamboo  is fabulous for summer tops. Its light, cool and has a sensuous drape. This design is by Vladmira Cmorej and includes the beautiful tank top and ribbed wrap that curves perfectly to sit gently on your shoulders. Wear it draped from shoulder to shoulder or pin it with your favorite clip.

summer pleasure

This crochet design was created for SWTC by Cindy Carlson and is shown here in Chocolate bamboo.   I fell in love with this top and hated that this garment had to be loaned out. I wanted it for my personal wardrobe!!!

                                               TOFU TEE

tofu teeDon't forget the TOFU TEE for your summer fun.

This is one of the all time best patterns in our collection. Its timeless, sized for every girl, easy to wear, and just great fun to knit.

Looking for a group project? Each of you can select 5 random balls of Tofutsies and never end up with the same shirt. You'll knit on US 7 needles using 2 different colors of Tofutsies all the way thru this project.

Quick - someone organize a Tofu Tee knitalong on Ravelry! This would be great fun... lets play.
                   Choose from 2 patterns offering size to 3x

We're heading to TNNA next week.... totally excitement! Imagine a big tradeshow of yarn...wow. Anyhow, here is a sneak peak at what we'll be showing.

         So friends, here is your sneak peek at Treisur.

We are very excited to begin showing 4 new and exciting yarns that will be available in the US within the next few month..... read more here

Treisur yarn 


These are the new additions to the SWTC Collection. OMG! and the new colors below are available in your LYS now

is our first yarn made with a fiber derived from SUGAR in a process similar to bamboo.

4.5 sts =1 in. US 5       50gr/100m

<--Pattern Pictured : OMG! Its Gorgeous.


More exquisite wools from URUGUAY.

sw skein blue

Our new Worsted wool, available through a distribution deal with South Wools of Uruguay, are the same fabulous yarns you already know and love from Uruguay.

This is the mill that also produced Jezebel and Vespera for SWTC. Now, in partnership with South Wools, we'll make more of these fabulous yarns you love available this fall. Watch for 40 new worsted colors.

New Colors in old Favorites!

Terra salmonterra neon    terra silverterra purple


d new bamboo


In a recent conversation, someone was explaining to me about their yarn business and how they were building customers. It stuck in The word customers stuck in my head as I wrote this newsletter. I kept thinking it was just more than that.

Every month when I sit down to write this letter, I enjoy sharing all of the pictures and ideas. I love getting to meet all of you at Stitches and events. I love being around the creativity and energy.  SWTC is about all of the friends we make who share our passion for color, texture, and creativity.

Just as I wrote this, one of the service people in our building wandered in to talk about his daughter who is learning to knit. Her birthday is this week and he had no idea where to start in his quest to support her new hobby. It was my honor to share some knitting stuff and welcome another young girl into our circle and another new friend into this great yarn adventure.

Take care friends. Keep the pictures, love , and good energy coming!

See you on the road.


Have other ideas for SWTC and summer fun? know of any contests, games or -alongs we can join in?

                     Write and share...jonelle@soysilk.com
                                                   Jonelle Beck



 Even as we were photographing it, people were stopping to ask and take notice. TAZI is really a standout.

Tazi is knit from 1 skein of every colors of
SWTC Llama Lluxury.

We will debut the Tazi kit in June at TNNA. You can order it sooner your LYS.

If you need help finding a nearby LYS that carries Llama Lluxury, just email info@soysilk.com


Anise showcases Amazing. Get a close up on this beauty here. Its a fabulous mitered square vest. The pattern also includes instruction to add sleeves turning this versatile beauty into a cardigan.

toe jam closeup

Oasisis knit in Oasis from SWTC. This fabulous Tunic is cool, comfortable, and stylish. As with all of the designs that Joan creates for us, Oasis looks good on real women, is easy to knit, and has a great range of sizes so everyone can make one!

  Diamond Mens Sock

Rebecca Mercer designed this fabulous sock in SWTC Jezebel and we've got it ready to share just in time for Father's Day knitting. This is a great, masculine sock pattern that knitters will really enjoy.


features SWTC Vespera. Its a beautiful hand dyed fine wool  from Uruguay...and you know you like that.

Remember the KARAOKE Mitered square sweater?

In the Magazine

kns karaoke kids sweater

This is the Karaoke sweater featured in Knit N Style magazine this month. It is designed for tweens and is really adorable.

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Free pattern

exquisite scarf

This is the free pattern on SWTC this month. You can get it now at SOYSILK.com.

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