News and Ideas from SWTC
April 2010

Jonelle's Favorite Ideas....

 Ribbed Openwork Tank
  by Sue MC Cain for          Vermont Fiber Works

This great tank top was designed in SWTC Bamboo! We absolutely adore this design. This is available on Patternfish and Vermont Fiber Works wholesales their patterns.

This pattern will be a great asset to your SWTC Bamboo Sales this summer.

This is a new design for Tranquility by Vladmira Cmorej. I wore this garment during the show and it was a hands down hit. The simplicity, gorgeous neck line, and waist shaping made knitters instantly interested in this beauty.

       You'll need Tranquility to make it!

                   MORE IN TERRA

TERRA In the new issue of Creative Knitting
creative knitting

Sandi Prosser created another gorgeous sweater is SWTC Terra for the newest issue of Knit N Style. Everything Terra is fabulous for Spring.. and Sandi Prosser did a beautiful job with this flattering and fun transitional sweater.
sandi prosser terra

EJ Slayton designed this outstanding new cardigan for the new issue of Creative Knitting. Wait until you see it. This is adorable and super wearable. We have four new colors of Terra for summer. The new, deep purple is my favorite and is joined by a spring green, salmon, and a new silvery grey.

        From last month.. oops
 Not Entirely Entrelac. was a free pattern in a recent retail newsletter. I left out that the CCO was a cable cast on. From the hundreds of calls and emails, I can tell you with great confidence that this pattern was a hit! I wish I hadn't made such a silly omission to generate that volume of calls.. but I was tickled to know it was popular! We also saw some great orders on Shopatron.

 Print the picture, put it by your Karaoke, and tell knitters to buy 2 or 3 balls. The pattern is still free on our website. here are over 40 colors of Karaoke and this scarf would be great in any of them.

Serena Peri is a friend of mine who currently lives in Sedona and like me, was raised in Napa. I invite you to check out her new project , YarnCoupons.com. Ever since I saw some of her other web projects, Ive been bugging her to create this resource for our industry. I've been helping her get ads into Ravelry and meet more of our community, so you'll see her pop in now and then.

While she ramps up her new site, Serena is offering free ads thru April. If you are a designer , dyer, store owner , or Etsy merchant - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! Your ads will be among the first seen while she launches her consumer side. After April, load up your coupons for as low as $10 month. As a coupon and promo code shopper ,I vouch for the power of these great online opportunities.

And, to all of you shoppers, please visit Yarncoupons.com for great offers and promo codes. Its a really fun site that will continue to blossom and become a wonderful resource for our industry.

Starfall is always a hit! A red Starfall shawl graced the runway at Stitches West. This pattern uses only 1 ball of SWTC Tofutsiesand is an eye catching lace project, and just an all around, every day gorgeous shawl!

starfall red

tofutsies solid
Please visit here to see a video preview of our new book.

 The video is hosted on YOU TUBE if you want to blog it... and I genuinely appreciate if you do.

This book is even prettier and more fun than the last. We incorporated all of the great suggestions from readers so you will notice the solid colors, better band, and of course, Toe up!
  Things knitters love!
 TERRA is a must have for summer!

TERRAis one of the great yarns in the SWTC Collection for Spring and Summer. I know it's not warm everywhere (or anywhere!) yet, but we wanted to show you some great ideas for this beautiful spring knitting!

4 New Colors of TERRA will arrive just in time for spring sales!
The new colors include silver grey,deep purple, salmon, and spring green.
new terra 2010
Terra is a Bamboo and Cotton blend that knits to a sport weight. Its light and easy to wear with colors that are excting and fresh.


Uhura is a design by Connie Chang Chinchioin TERRA. This pattern is featured in the newest issue of Twist Collective.

This TerraDesign is by Vladmira Cmorej of Vadis Design. She's an amazing designer out of Canada that is currently doing several new pieces for SWTC and recently created this stunning piece for her own collection.

         Visit Vladmira's site here.

This is Shirley MacNulty's recent design that is featured in the new issue of Love of Knitting. The beautiful yarn is SWTC Terra. Terra is a great spring/summer yarn made of cotton and bamboo. The colors are awesome and new colors are in production now. We'll show them to you in our next newsletter.

new big v


The Big V Vest is one of the top patterns for SWTC Terra. If you haven't made one yet... take a look. It is the perfect "toss it on with your blue jeans" vest! 


girls w jonelleAll of these yarns are available in your local yarn store - please support them! If you see a color here that they don't carry, ask. Most merchants will happily assist you and we'll work with them to assure you get what you need. When you purchase yarn through our website, your order will be shipped by a yarn store owner- hopefully very close to you. SWTC works very hard to promote these wonderful stores and e-tailers that are the heart of our industry.

With spring in clear view, its time to think about all of the amazing things we can make for warmer months. Make sure to check out our fabulous bamboo and cotton yarn , TERRAand of course, the always wonderful BAMBOO. Both are oustanding summer choices with alot of great designs for you to choose from.

                       Stock up on SWTC - we do summer well!
                                                    Jonelle Beck

Get Involved
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For your convenience, all of these patterns are available in Ravelry and Patternfish also


MUSEis our featured pattern this month on Ravelry. It is designed by Vladmira Cmorej and is knit in SWTC AMAIZINGmaking it machine washable and dryable.


juliet purple

String of Purlsis one of my favorite picks for a shapely, interesting summer knit this season. As with all of Joan Somerville's designs, these patterns have a generous size range. String of Purls has sizes up to 5x.


Naidais also knit in SWTC Phoenix. This is a longer, tunic style summer top that will flatter most figures.

toe jam closeup


Oasis isknit in Oasis from SWTC. This fabulous Tunic is cool, comfortable, and stylish. As with all of the designs that Joan creates for us, Oasislooks good on real women, is easy to knit, and has a great range of sizes so everyone can make one!


features SWTC Vespera. Its a beautiful hand dyed fine wool  from Uruguay...and you know you like that.

Jonette and Sandy teamed up to get this one knit in a new set of colors. This is a really addictive pattern with sizing from 41" - 61" chest. You'll use 2 colors of Karaoke to knit 8 big mitered squares that become this treasured sweater.

The pattern has been updated with better photos .

Its also available for babies!


198 yd shawl

BLONDELF on ravelry.com shared a recently finished 198 yard shawl knit in SWTC Oasis. This pattern is free here. Put a little sign in your store showing this pattern for your SWTC Oasis or Bamboo.
      This is a great project!

toe jam closeup

Jonelle fell in love with this little cart and made arrangements to offer them to knitters through our website.

To see the magic of it in action click here!

The yarn cart wheels around so you can move projects, gear, yarn to and from shows or events or meetings. When its time to load it all into your truck or mini van or car with a large trunk you simply roll up to the edge and the wheel base will flip easily up and over the top so that the cart tucks neatly in. No heavy lifting required. In fact, Jonelle's kids loaded it into the truck as a test.

See step by step pictures here . The yarn cart is only $250 which includes shipping to most to continental US destinations. Some areas may require additional shipping charges...


We love everything about it!

llama beans
Arizona Llama Rescuehas a fun little product to share... this is a bag of LLAMA BEANS! There are 4 different "flavors" perfect for your garden. I added a bag to a recent garden themed gift with a pair of gardening gloves and a trowel. It was adorable and 100% of the proceeds go to support the llamas. Any donations are welcome. The economy and housing crisis has made more llamas homeless. Please keep these fun little gifts in mind!