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Lori Osterberg 

The Future Is Blogging
By Lori Osterberg
Seems like everyone is talking about blogging. The writers in your favorite magazine have a blog. Your teenage son has a blog. Is it time for you to have one too?
A blog is an online web log, or journal, that allows the owner to easily write entries onto their website. A typical blog contains text, images, links to other sites, and in some cases video, all related to one particular topic. A blog is easy to start, easy to maintain, and offers people an easy way to share their thoughts and ideas with a worldwide audience.
So why have blogs become all the rage over the past year? It lies with their simplicity.
Blogs are a simple, friendly way of communicating with an audience. Using a blog is as easy as typing into a Word document. Whether you choose a free, templated system such as Blogger, or have a custom designed blog to match your business branding, a blog allows you to be in control of the content.
Blogs are naturally search engine friendly because they are filled with text-rich content, link-rich information, and are frequently updated with new material. They are also built for simplicity, and have very little extraneous HTML coding - which means your content is what the search engines see, not the programming.
Blogs may have more access to audiences than ezines, and can be worked in conjunction with your ezine to offer more information to a larger audience. Ezines, or e-newsletters are sent through the email system; which means they are subjected to Spam filters. Studies show that up to 30 percent of all legitimate email can be blocked by incoming Spam filters. Blogs however, can be subscribed to in many ways, including RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.  When people view the information coming through RSS, they are in reading-mode, and pay more attention to the content. Because email can often come in overwhelming quantities, even requested information may be deleted due to lack of time.
Blogs also allow you to easily share all kinds of information in all kinds of media. Show your personality and your expertise. Speak in a voice as if you were speaking one to one with your visitors. Share your thoughts, your photographs and your videos. Link to appropriate websites and resources. Become a resource within your community.
And above all have fun with it. Don't treat it like a daily chore. Instead, think of it as a way of sharing valuable information with future clients.
You'll be surprised at the response you'll have.
Lori is the owner of Vision Business Concepts Inc. in Greenwood Village. She can be reached at 303-221-1027. You also may visit her Web site by clicking here.
Halloween Floral Arrangements
 & Party Ideas

Jack-o-lantern fall arrangement

Fall's colors create a perfect palette for Halloween and autumn floral decorations. What better way to celebrate the season than by highlighting the reds, browns, oranges and yellows that are so dominant this time of year. We can bring into our homes those autumn leaves, pumpkins and gourds as we decorate for the upcoming festivities.
Pumpkins, of course, are the first to make their way to the decorating table as we prepare for Halloween tricks and treats. We naturally think of jack-o'-lanterns that we create to greet tricker treaters on that haunted night. 

Here are some other great ideas that we came upon:

  1. In addition to carving pumpkins, paint them with white paint and then outline the eyes, nose and mouth in red and black. Goulish!
  2. For Halloween centerpieces, put a floral arrangement designed in a glass bowl inside the pumpkin. This makes a great fall look.
  3. Carve four to five small pumpkins and line them up in the center of your table. This works great for buffets.  
As long as you've decorated your home with a Halloween or autumn floral arrangement, why not host a Halloween party? There are so many themes from which to choose. You could have a pumpkin carving party, a horror film viewing party or a costume party. Enjoy this time of year and create some spooky memories for your family and friends. 

The Colors of Fall Flowers Make it a Great Time to Give Flowers to a Man

tropical floral arrangementAlthough you might find it hard to believe, I can assure you that men love to receive flowers as much as women. Sending flowers to the favorite man or men in your life is a great way to let them know you appreciate them for all they do and that they are special to you.
Research indicates that men like vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red, making fall a great time to send flowers for a birthday, thank you or for no reason at all. I would suggest a flower arrangement that is contemporary with linear or natural styles. A flowering plant is another option.
We can even include an added bonus in your arrangement to highlight the recipient's hobby. For example, if he is a golfer, we can fill the bottom of the vase with golf balls or tees. If he loves cars, we can add a car magazine or Match Box Nascar race car.  Just let me know your thoughts and we can put together an arrangement - just for him.

Lengthening the Life of a Floral Arrangment

daisy and rose floral arrangement

It just takes a little bit of time and tender loving care to get the most life out of your floral arrangements.
Here are just a few tips to keep the flowers for as long as possible:
  • Keep the vase filled (or floral foam soaked) with water and flower food that we provide. Make sure you read the mixing directions on the flower food to get maximum effectiveness. You don't want to dilute it with too much water.
  •  If the water becomes cloudy, replace it entirely with fresh water and flower food. While changing out the water, re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife or clippers and immediately place the stems into the new water and flower food mix.
  •  Keep your arrangement in a cool place of around 65 to 72 degrees and away from direct sunlight. Don't place them on appliances or fixtures that give off heat, such as the top of televisions or heating vents.
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