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start your engines gift basket

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Our Start Your Engines Gift Basket!
We can't think of a better way to remember the roar of the engines and the smell of the race track.  It's a perfect gift for the race car enthusiast. 
Start Your Engines can say "Atta Boy!" to one of your employees, "Congratulations" on a special occasion, or "Happy Birthday" to a car-loving friend or family member.  Or send a corporate gift basket to say "Thanks" for your business. These baskets are not just for men. More and more women are enjoying the sport, thanks to Danica Patrick and other female drivers. Start sharing the memories today! 
These unique gift baskets are available in two sizes: The small basket begins at $25.00 and the large one starts at $50.00.  They even include a collectible Matchbox car.   
Call us at 303-693-3840 to order one today.
Extra Value: Special Care for Your Arrangement
At Barbara's Custom Floral & Gifts, we help you keep your floral arrangement fresher longer by misting them before they leave the shop.  Then we mist your flowers again before bringing them to your door.
We also call before making the delivery to make sure you or the recipient will be home.  Because of Colorado's weather conditions, we never leave our gifts outside the door.  We want you to enjoy your flowers and strive to make sure they last as long as possible.
Catch the Racing Spirit!
race carIt's an exciting time for racing in Colorado. Fans can cheer for a locally-sponsored NASCAR driver and a new race track east of Denver is expected to break ground soon.
Denver-based Furniture Row's sponsorship of Car #78, driven by Driver Joe Nemechek, gives NASCAR fans in the Rocky Mountain Region a local racing team to support.
While the Furniture Row team travels across the country competing in events, it is considered unique in the NASCAR Sprint Cup because it is the only competitor that is headquartered west of the Mississippi.
Racing enthusiasts also can cheer this summer when ground is broken at High Plains Raceway, located 60 miles east of the interchange at I-25 and I-70 in Denver. The facility is being developed by Colorado Amateur Motorsports Associates.
Colorado has a variety of other racings facilities available to drivers and spectators, including:
  • Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, home to the Mopar Mile High Nationals. 
  • Colorado National Speedway, located 10 minutes north of 120th Avenue on I-25 at the Erie/Dacono exit.  
  • CRE Motorsports and the El Paso County Speedway, both of which are located in Calhan - northeast of Colorado Springs.
  • Fairgrounds Speedway, which reopened this year at the Montezuma Fairgrounds in Cortez.
  • I-25 Speedway, located eight miles north of Pueblo on I-25 at Exit 108.
  • Prowers County Motor-Sports Park, located seven miles north of Lamar.
  • Thunder Mountain Speedway, which is northeast of Olathe, off Highway 550 and Amber Road.
Do You Have Trouble Keeping Gerbera Daisies Fresh?gerbera daisies
Gerbera Daisies perk up everyone's spirits with their bright happy faces and marvelous colors.  But when these flowers wilt, nothing looks more pathetic.  Their petals curl up and their little heads droop.  The main culprit?  Debris in the water - some seen and some unseen.  These tiny particles make their way up the stem and the flower's food and oxygen supply get cut off.
Here are some tips to make your Gerberas last longer:
  • Use a clean, sanitized vase
  • Change the water every day or every other day
  • Recut the stems when you change the water
  • Put floral food in the water and let it dissolve before adding the flowers
ANOTHER TIP:  Oh, and to prevent the droop?  Keep your Gerberas standing upright.  If you lay them down horizontally, they will develop a permanent bend at the neck.
Plant of the Month: Cyclamencyclamen - large
Cyclamen is a vibrant, showy plant that is often given as hostess or housewarming gifts.
Here are some tips for taking care of this gorgeous plant:
1. Make sure it receives bright light - but not direct sunlight. If the plant stops blooming, you may need to increase the light the plant receives.
2. Occasionally mist the air around the plant to provide humidity. You also may stand the plant on a pebble tray with water. 
3. Try to keep the plant in cool temperatures. It especially enjoys night temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees and daytime temperatures of no more than 10 degrees warmer than that.
4. Keep the compost moist at all times.
5. After the flowers have faded, allow the soil to dry down one-third between waterings.
6. After the flowers are gone, reduce watering and feed the plant an all-purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer to extend the plant's life.
Decorating Trends
An Aura of Luxury During Tough Times

decorating photoDeep lustrous hues of plum, grayed purples and rose define the color scheme called Nocturne, one of four decorating trends of the 2008-2009 season.
But Nocturne defines more than color --  it defines a feeling of luxury and elegance,  an aura of shimmering surfaces, sparkling chandeliers, absolutely luscious fabrics and urban night life.  And, it allows us to feel the luxury at reasonable prices. 
It just takes a little creativity and trips to garage sales.   So choose your colors and shop for silk, floral accents.  Complementary flowers include:
*  Roses  
*  Orchids
*  Asiatic lilies
*  Miniature callas
*  Gerbera Daisies
*  Ranunculus
*  Dahlias
*  Anemones
*  Gladioli
*  Asters
*  Hyacinths
*  Sweet Williams
*  Stock
*  Waxflower
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