Do you know what will turn your lover on?  Take the time to buy something only you know that she loves!  Fix her dinner instead of going out to a restaurant.  Write her a poem -- no matter how clumsy it is, she'll know it came from your heart.  That's what Valentine's Day is really all about.  Taking time to focus only on her. 
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Valentine's Day Ideas
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
Keep Your Valentine's Day Flowers Fresh
Valentine's Day Surprise
Valentine's Day Ideas
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Looking for something unique for Valentine's Day this year?  Here are a few ideas that are inexpensive but utterly romantic.

  1. Float rose petals in your lover's bath water.
  2. Fix a special breakfast Valentine's Day morning and float rose blossoms in a clear bowl in the middle of the table.
  3. Put one long stem rose in her car seat so that she'll see it when she goes to work in the morning.
  4. At dinner time float heart shaped candles in water.
  5. Spell out I LOVE YOU in rose petals on your bed.
  6. Buy potpourri for her lingerie drawer. 
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 
Holding HandsValentine's Day should be for your man too.  So what can you give him that he'll enjoy?
We're designing floral arrangements that are two gifts in one!  We fill the container full of candy and then design a manly arrangement on top.  It's just as easy to fill the container with golf balls, small sports or computer paraphenalia or even romantic evening gifts.  Your imagination here is the key.  Then we add a manly arrangement on top.  Call us for more ideas! 

Keep Your Valentine's Day Roses Fresh

Need a few tips for keeping your Valentine's Day flowers fresh?  Here are some ideas on keeping your flowers fresh and beautiful for a longer period of time:
  1. When you receive your flowers, put the vase in a location that's out of direct sunlight.  Don't put them under a light either.
  2. Keep the temperature of the room 70 degrees or lower.  The warmer the temperature the quicker the blossoms will open.
  3. Never put the vase near an air vent or on top of a television set.
  4. Change the water in the vase every few days and add floral food if you have it.
  5. Adding sugar or 7-up to the water puts some nutrients that the plants need.  However, packaged floral food is a combination of sugar and a bacteria killer.  It's also in a formula that is right for the plant.  
  6. Recut the stem on an angle.  This allows water to enter the stem easier.  If you cut the stem straight across the bottom lies against the bottom of the vase and it's more difficult for water to enter the stem.
  7. Remove any leaves or foliage below the water line because it promotes the growth of bacteria.

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Barbara Setliffe
Barbara's Custom Floral & Gifts, Inc.
Valentine's Day Surprise
Here's a hint for Valentine's Day that'll really make her day special and save you money!
Buy flowers other than roses. Or, buy a mixed arrangement and use red roses as accents.
Red Roses are more expensive during Valentine's Day, so if you choose colors other than red you'll save money.  And, she'll still feel unbelievably pampered.
If only red roses will do, you can still save money by buying roses in a shorter stem.
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