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January 2008
     Why is it that resolutions always seem to be so painful?  Why can't they be about fun! Why not resolve to do something great and fun this year.  By centering around something we want to do, the sacrifices don't seem so bad.  
     I think that's what I'm going to do.  Resolve to do something really fun, like plan a trip.  If I were to find some place really fun to go to, losing weight wouldn't be so hard.  Who wouldn't want to get into a smaller bathing suit and lounge around the beach drinking in the sun.  And, putting money away for a trip: that would make saving on other things easier too.
     What about you.  What fun resolutions can you think of that will ease the pain of self discipline.
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2008 Interior Design Trends
7 Biggest Financial Decisions You'll Make
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Interior Design Trends for  2008 


The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recently asked several of its Chicago Chapter designers to identify top trends.  Here's what they said:
    WALLPAPER: Look for the return of wallpaper.  New technology has made it easy to put on and easy to take off.  The looks of new wall paper include faux finishes and a continuation of metallics. 
---  Hilary Sopata, ASID
Interior Visions Designs; Park Ridge, Ill
     TEXTURE:  Appeasing the senses is what it's all about, especially that of touch.  You cannot pass a silky or velvety drapery or fabulous nubby pillow with sliding your fingers along the material.  A unique blend of textures can create a clean, attractive space that calms and soothes.  Texture can be used in ultiple applications: for example, wall treatments such as plaster or wall paper, stone countertops that are smooth or polished,  upholstery fabrics and even furniture finishes.  The use of texture is gaining popularity because it is a simple way to add interest without commiting to bold patterns such as damask, plaid or floral.
--- Kathy Hoffman, ASID Allied Member
Susan Fredman & Associates Ltd, Chicago, Ill
     GREEN:  Made in the USA, custom and "green" friendly are all hallmarks of current interior design.
---Mary Susan Bicicchi, ASID
Interiors by Mary Susan, LaGrange, Ill
     ORIGINAL ART:  The trend of acquiring original art to personalize one's space is growing,  Expressive and one-of-a-kind art can define an interior.  Art is more attainable and commissionable, not just for the high end but for all.
---Lisa Moriarty, ASID
ART+Interiors, Glen Ellyn, Ill
Florists' Review, January 2008

The 7 Biggest Financial Decisions You'll Make

c"Managing your money does not require that you be a Wall Street wizard.  In truth, it's how you manage a handful of major life choices that can make or break your financial future." written by Richard Jenkins in an article for MSN Money.

You can take an inventory of your financial decision making ability by going over these 7 qualities:
      1.  How do you handle risk: Would you rather work for a rock-solid company, a small start-up with loads of potential or work for yourself?
      2.  What's Your choice of career:  Depending upon your education, some fields pay better than others.  Getting the training you need for a better job could be the best investment you make.
      Does your pay depend on distortions in the market?
Will your skills retain their value in the years to come?
      3.  What's Your Lifestyle:  Americans are conditioned to overbuy.  Do you shop out of necessity or for fun?
     How much house do you really need?  Every dollar you don't spend on a house saves roughly $2.40 mortgage payments.
     4.  How do you manage debt:  Pay yourself instead of your creditors.  Credit is the privilege of spending money you don't have.  Banks make a lot of money lending to people who can't wait to buy things.
     5.  How do you protect your assets:  Your most important asset is your ability to work.  Disability insurance will pay you a percentage of your income if you're sick or injured and totally unable to work. 
     You also need to provide adequate protection for the rest of your assets.
     If you're self-employed, insulate your assets.
     6.  How many children will you have:  Of course you can't put a price on the love and joy that children bring into your life.  However, each one will cost you $250,000 to raise to the age of 18, not counting college.
     7.  Marrying for better or worse:  Deciding whom to marry may not seeem like a financial decision, but if you ever have to endure the pain of a divorce, none of your assets are safe from the divorce attorneys.
     On the positive side, getting married can double your income.  Although two cannot live as cheaply as one, it does not cost twice as much either.
Richard Jenkins
MSN Money
Reprint from ALMC Mortgage Newsletter
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Wedding Businesses
I Trust
      The wedding industry has lots of people in it that are newbies. After all, they have to get their experience somewhere.  So make sure that you aren't one of those people on which the newby is practicing.
     The question is how do you get really good prices and still have the best people working on your wedding. Here's my pick of businesses any bride can comfortably use and be thrilled with the results.
Awesome Images Photography: 
Don Kirkendorfer has been a wedding photographer for over 35 years and will bend over backwards to give your wedding the look you are trying to achieve.  His prices are very reasonable.  Ask him about his offers. 
GrannyMa's Cookies
and Catering:
Jane Stolz started cooking many years ago for large groups of people and has been cooking ever since. Jane is known for her wonderful wedding cakes, h'ordeurves, and dinners.  She can cater dinners for 2 to events of 300 people. 
Carra Bella Studio
Advanced Skin Care &
Massage Therapy:
Regina Jaramillo is a licensed aesthetician who will advise you on the care of your skin.  You will absolutely glow on your wedding day.  She also applies lash extensions. Both you and your wedding party will love Carra Bella Studio.
Regina Jaramillo
Cruise Planners:
Jack Barker, owner of Cruise Planners, can help you plan your honeymoon, whether it's a cruise or a flight to a special destination. He offers negotiated rates with exceptional service and looks forward to assisting you with all of your cruising needs.
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