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3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 75 : July 18, 2012


The Lunar Woman, Solar Man, and Relationships

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Relationships Defined

By Yogi Bhajan


When relationships break, when relationships fail

We suffer and agonize, rant and rail


"How could it happen? Who is to blame?"

We live in misery, loneliness and pain.

Limited egos are bound to conflict

Egos destroy relationships quick.


For any relationship to be a success

Certain conditions have to be met  

1)  Wisdom is the Base.
The relationship starts here.
Without wisdom, disaster is near.


2)  Love is the Sustainer,
It serves to maintain,
Overcomes adversity, sorrow and pain.
Love is giving 100 percent
Not "yours or mine" or "what will I get?"


3)  Selfless Service comes next,
to nurture and grow.
Relationships thrive when 

both people know
Without thought of reward, 

pleasure or gain
Each gives to the other 

over and over again.


4)  Selfless Service comes out of Wisdom

The Cycle is done
When separate entities truly are one --
That's Relationship!


Only the wise understand the above.
It takes Wisdom to Serve and Wisdom to Love.


1991 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan








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It takes Wisdom to Serve and Wisdom to Love.



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Shakta Kaur

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Sat Nam, Yogis,


People often ask me what I like best about Summer Solstice at Ram Das Puri.  Without a doubt, my first answer is 'three days of White Tantric Yoga!'  Each year the result for me is a bit different.  This year, after Day 1 of Tantric, I felt 'victorious' (yes, it was a long day); after Day 2 I felt 'clean and clear,' and after Day 3 I simply felt 'timeless.'  Thus is the effect of the touch of the Master's subtle body.


My second answer is, 'I love teaching at Summer Solstice!'  Everyone learns so much from each other.  This year I was blessed to teach the 'Lunar Woman, Solar Man and Relationships' workshop.  Here 160+ learned about the primal nature of the male and of the female ('sovereign warrior/protective shelterer' and 'woman/mother' respectively!). 


Women discovered their 'moon center sequence' and found out that the initial dance of the sperm and the egg gives us many clues as to how men and women relate to each other.  As Yogi Bhajan said, "In the male and female relationship, you do the same thing your spermatozoa do.  Nature gave you the power to penetrate and gave her the power to receive you and to relieve you of the power through which you desire to penetrate."


We also shared practical tips on how to communicate with each other.  Ladies, if you want harmonious communication with your male, don't interrupt while he's speaking!  Men only interrupt each other if they are becoming competitive or aggressive.  And, remember that a male thinks in problems, a female in ideas.  When she says, 'we should paint the living room' she is prioritizing verbally.  He perceives it as a problem to be solved and is already calculating how to get it done--and might finish the project before she even realizes it!


Men, remember what Yogi Bhajan said about your role in relationship:  "She must be able to look to you for inspiration and stability.  Otherwise, you have nothing to offer.  Then it becomes a matter of existence and not of relationship.  The side of the moon which shines looks towards the sun.  You must be stable as a magnet, which attracts to itself but itself does not move, while she, being the changeable moon is never stationary and never secure.  You are to be a source of strength and stability and security.  Your duty is to make her secure both materially and spiritually.  She must know you provide for her."


If you'd like to learn more 'The Lunar Woman' DVD or The 'Lunar Woman Curriculum' Guidelines' can help.  For more information:  info@ShaktaKaur.com.


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No matter what you liked best about Summer Solstice be sure to continue with your 40-day post-Solstice sadhana, gather with like-minded people at your local 3HO yoga studio and continue to be grateful for all that Yogi Bhajan so generously shared with us.



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