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3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 86: July 29, 2012

Guru Singh's 
Summer Solstice Class:
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                 SUMMER SOLSTICE SADHANA              
                              Guru Singh

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Sat Nam with Many Blessings on our Post- Solstice Journey,


Just as we communicated in our 'Close of Solstice' class, one of the most important things to remember is what Yogi Bhajan loved to refer to: Newton's third Law of motion, "For every action there will always be an equal opposite reaction." This is neve
r more powerful and apparent than during the post-solstice time. The only way to maintain our awareness and not get gobbled up in the emotions surrounding this cosmic law is to maintain a powerful daily practice. This is the perfect reason why Yogi Bhajan always gave us a special sadhana to do for the forty, ninety, or one-hundred twenty days right after our solstice experience at Ram Das Puri.


Now that we're a few weeks into that post-solstice period, we have the opportunity to face these oppositions with either grace or rage. When we choose grace we allow ourselves to dive more deeply into the path of love and awareness. When we choose rage, or any similar response, we fixate on the moment as something that is unfair rather than the pure unfolding of a cosmic law. This then takes us down an entirely different path than we nurtured during our time at Ram Das Puri.


Take the time each day as you face your opposition to truly face it with great reverence. You are then at the center of witnessing the cosmic laws at their finest. Allow your reverence to produce respect, allow your respect to engender appreciation, and your appreciation to give you a sense of connection with all that is. This replaces the sensation of separateness that always comes with rage at any level. This sense of connection rekindles the very sensations that we all had with each other at Summer Solstice: walking around the camp at wake-up; gathering together for morning sadhana; preparing to work with our seva groups and sitting in the lines at meal times, yoga classes, and White Tantric Yoga. As we enjoy this connected sensation, all of the benefits from each one of those gatherings come flooding back to us tenfold. With these benefits we also receive the fuel of solstice courage and the belief that we are equal to, and can match up to any challenge we face.


With this process we carry solstice with us throughout the year; we carry the group consciousness; we carry the Kundalini technology; we carry the sense of family; we carry the evolution of humanity into the next dimension. As a reward for carrying this load we are gifted with the blessings of clarity and understanding in the midst of all our daily lives. Our relationships improve; our work efforts improve; our prosperity improves along with the fulfillment of our dreams, visions and missions. This carries us forward to Winter Solstice and next year's Summer Solstice where we improve upon it even further.


Therefore, my recommended after solstice list is very simple: the prescribed post-solstice meditation and daily sadhana practice is number one, remaining in the grace of our connection with each other is number two, and marking our calendars for the coming Winter and Summer Solstices is number three.


I look forward to seeing you all soon and I will be posting all of my solstice classes on the web at www.gurusingh.com within the next weeks.


Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude . . . Sat Nam,
Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur     


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