Featured Teacher:  Siri-Gian Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 67 : July 11, 2012



The Art of Soul Listening!

With Siri-Gian Kaur




 Soaking and Massaging our Soles

 is good for the Soul!


Divine Soles at 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration
Divine Soles at 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration




Meet Ram Das Kaur - Manager of Divine Soles Foot Soaking at Summer Solstice 


Foot Massage

This isn't the only way to give a foot massage, but it's the way Yogi Bhajan first taught us. And, if you're a novice, it will get you started.  It's great to give yourself a foot massage just before bed. Better yet, trade massages with your spouse or partner.





How are you doing with the 
Eher Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra? 
 What changes have you experienced with this powerful chanting? 


This 90 Day Support Sadhana 
consists of:
  • Chanting the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra for 11 minutes each day. Chant anytime of the day.
  • Receiving daily inspiration from our amazing Solstice Teachers.  
  • Encouragement to adjust your diet/lifestyle to better support your transformation.
  • The teachings of Yogi Bhajan that support you living a healthy, happy, holy life.
  • Sharing your experience, questions, and ideas on the New 3HO Community Discussion Forum. 
Whether you made it to New Mexico for Summer Solstice or not we hope this Sadhana journey serves you to always be more and more YOU! Love, Team 3HO



NEW Dates for 
Dec 16 - 23, 2012 
Lake Wales, Florida 
Registration Opens September 1st
                 SUMMER SOLSTICE SADHANA              
                   Siri-Gian Kaur

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The Best Fun--Living from Soul!


Dear One,


Did you know that your Soul is your own True Self, your "Sat Nam", your Guru that is your pre-eminent teacher within that guides you with the most loving care at every step of the way-as long as you listen, trust and carry out Its direction, that is!


How would you like to adopt a revolutionary way of living? How about taking all of your cues from God, Itself-your own Soul, rather than being stuck in the hurt, shame, unloved and unloving, poor way of living that we actually create for ourselves? Remember, it is our mind, our perceptions, and our habits that keep us down, not "the hand that we are dealt"!


So many people are so very resistant to being controlled by others, as well they should be. But once you get into the habit of trusting and following where your Soul, your impeccable and cozy God Self leads you, you actually experience the greatest freedom that you ever could! Love is there, kindness is

present, freedom, prosperity, and happiness are naturally there. It is really an amazing switch of experience.


When you live in total partnership with your Soul, you drop debilitating fear. You face your hesitation about totally living in the present, and your insecurity about not knowing where you are going. You simply TRUST, knowing that Soul has your very best interest at heart. This life is simply a sort of Treasure Hunt in which Soul gives you a clue at a time.


Now, Soul may lead you into situations that trigger your buttons, but you know that each of these "difficulties" that you run into is simply an incredible opportunity to heal yourself of those mental and emotional chains that keep us small, unhappy and poor. And when faced with those situations, you

hang onto mantra, bani, breath, etc. to dissolve those chains, along with holding onto and trusting Soul at every moment. You free yourself from what habitually held you back-even if you thought that your difficulties were someone's else's fault, rather than your own misinformed perception.


You have heard "spiritual writings" that admonish you to live in the moment. Well, this is it. The process of living by Soul's direction is rather like surfing. At every millisecond, your balance is adjusting, you are watching the waves, you are fully aware, you are totally present. The experience is that you are in the total exhilaration and freedom of the moment!


The alternative is to let go of Soul and be crashed down by the breaker. Not so great.


Read about how to listen to your Soul at www.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html . And to get first-hand practice, lots more information, and share these amazing experiences with your classmates, please check out my upcoming 6 week teleclass on "INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!" at

www.SoulAnswer.com/intuition.html plus many more incredible classes from so many fabulous teachers at www.SoulAnswer.com/university.html . And you can even sign up for our weekly newsletter with really helpful articles at www.SoulAnswer.com !


Lots of Love,


Siri-Gian Kaur







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