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3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 61 : July 4, 2012

Langar Lines at Summer Solstice 2012
Langar Lines at Summer Solstice 2012

Bring the practice of "LANGAR" 
in to your everyday life
Yogi Bhajan shared this tradition as a cornerstone of his teachings because everywhere he traveled or taught there was always food, eating, preparing, cooking, and it was considered an honor and a joy to share, serve, feed everyone, clean up, and to get ready for the next meal!

With Yogi Bhajan the kitchen was the heartbeat of his home and environments. He taught us to meditate while we cooked and prepared food, pray over each meal by chanting Sat Nam together before we ate, and to feel humbled and joyful that we could serve each other food prepared with prayer, love, and fresh ingredients that were tasty, delicious, and healthy.

How are you doing with the 
Eher Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra? 
 What changes have you experienced with this powerful chanting? 


This 90 Day Support Sadhana 
consists of:
  • Chanting the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra for 11 minutes each day. Chant anytime of the day.
  • Receiving daily inspiration from our amazing Solstice Teachers.  
  • Encouragement to adjust your diet/lifestyle to better support your transformation.
  • The teachings of Yogi Bhajan that support you living a healthy, happy, holy life.
  • Sharing your experience, questions, and ideas on the New 3HO Community Discussion Forum. 
Whether you made it to New Mexico for Summer Solstice or not we hope this Sadhana journey serves you to always be more and more YOU! Love, Team 3HO



NEW Dates for 
Dec 16 - 23, 2012 
Lake Wales, Florida 
Registration Opens September 1st
                 SUMMER SOLSTICE SADHANA              
                            Sangeet Kaur

Did you take Sangeet Kaur's Summer Solstice Class -  "Stages of

Calling on the Akash - the Key to All Happiness 

Tell us what you thought HERE.




Dear Souls of the ONE SOUL, 


Sat Nam. 
May you all continue to keep up AS ONE! Let our movement toward merger with the ONE be in your daily meditations. Feel at ONE within yourself and at ONE with all you meet. Put discord and difference aside and recognize the ONE within all, in the vast variety of stages we see as the ONE emerging. 


Let your practice carry you in your journey to enlightenment and, as you grow, reach out to help others and lighten their world! Bring them to a Kundalini Yoga class with you, or a White Tantric Yoga workshop in your area. 


When you need a boost, you can also consult your "Blessings Code" sacred numerology keys to open doors to the unlimited power of the Akash in your personal happiness code. If you didn't attend my Solstice class on this subject, you can get a copy of my book to help you on your way. 


Those of us who were the early pioneers trained by the Master look to you as the next generation of pioneers. The ONE is shining on you!  


Bless you in all ways always! 
Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, Phoenix, Arizona. 




The Blessings Code System of Numerology Many have found their experiences of my personal numerology readings to be quite profound. We discuss destiny and life purpose, current challenges and karma, and the array of gifts your soul chose and how to tap into them.   

I am teaching this numerology system July 21 & 22 in Phoenix, Arizona.





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