DAY 51 Featured Teacher : Guruka Singh
Today's Message : "Share What You Learned"!

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3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 51 : June 24, 2012

Sat Nam--
Now we are officially in the 40 day Post Sadhana journey. This is when the subtle post Solstice work starts chiseling away at you revealing facets of yourself that are so beautiful you can barely even imagine it. Wherever you find yourself right now stop and take a moment to connect with your breath....connect with the united breath of your 3HO family.....connect with the breath of Yogi Bhajan and all of the holy ones with whom you are aligned. This is always with you!
Enjoy this "Keep Up" message from our first Post Solstice featured teacher Guruka Singh. We will feature a different Solstice Teacher each day.

3HO Women's Camp started today and the kids arrive tomorrow for Khalsa Youth Camp. The angels are still here at Ram Das Puri. Please attune your hearts to the beautiful women and children as they embark on a special journey living and breathing the healthy, happy, holy lifestyle.

The Power of Surrender
By Guruka Singh  


gyan mudra

Wake Up! It's the Dawn of a New Age 
By Guruka Singh 
with Meditation to Develop the Frontal Lobe to Face Your Tomorrow

This 90 Day Support Sadhana 
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  • Receiving daily inspiration from our amazing Solstice Teachers.  
  • Encouragement to adjust your diet/lifestyle to better support your transformation.
  • The teachings of Yogi Bhajan that support you living a healthy, happy, holy life.
  • Sharing your experience, questions, and ideas on the New 3HO Community Discussion Forum. 





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                FEATURED TEACHER
                 Guruka Singh 


Sat Nam!
Most of our Summer Solstice experience lies beyond the power of words to express. The cells of your physical body have been transformed and the moments that penetrated deeply into your psyche are now a part of you.  
The question posed by Summer Solstice sadhana is a simple one: "How can I sustain this feeling - this state of consciousness?" Well, as Qui-Gon Jinn said (what? You haven't seen Star Wars?) "Remember: Your focus determines your reality." Develop the habit to do sadhana every day. Make it a part of your daily routine. Develop your own self-discipline, for that is the ONE thing that will carry you through all the tests of time and space.  
The Aquarian Age demands our authenticity and it demands our skills. Master this technology and share it! You don't need anything except what you already have.

Summer Solstice is inside of you. If you see someone who looks depressed or sad, teach him or her one kriya, breath or meditation that you have mastered yourself. You don't need a certificate to teach. Go ahead and get certified, by all means! But don't wait to share this technology with others. It's in sharing it that it really blossoms within each of us. 
All love in Divine, .....Guruka Singh
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Guruka Singh on Stress:
Stress - A State of Mind 
Stress - A State of Mind

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