4 Days Until Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration
Featured Teacher: GuruPrem Singh and Simran Kaur 
Today's Tip: Divine Alignment & Devotion 
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 37 : June 10, 2012

Devotion is a very rare process in life; if you allow it to, it will eat up your ego.

 -Yogi Bhajan



This 90 Day Support Sadhana 
consists of:
  • Chanting the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra for 11 minutes each day. Chant anytime of the day.
  • Receiving daily inspiration from our amazing Solstice Teachers.  
  • Encouragement to adjust your diet/lifestyle to better support your transformation.
  • The teachings of Yogi Bhajan that support you living a healthy, happy, holy life.
  • Sharing your experience, questions, and ideas on the New 3HO Community Discussion Forum. 
Whether you make it to New Mexico for Summer Solstice or not we hope this Sadhana journey serves you to always be more and more YOU! Love, Team 3HO

"One Vibration" from Heal Me by 
Simran Kaur Khalsa & Guru Prem Singh Khalsa 
This song takes us back to the sound current of the earlier days of 3HO. This was a time when American Kirtan was blooming, and many expressed their love for the Guru in their own words and music. The song One Vibration captures, in its simplicity, the essence of the Mantra, Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.



Learning to live from the heart is a journey 

toward a life of devotion. Devotion has its own geometry, symmetry and balance. How we bend and bow, turn and twist, gives form to our devotion. Our bodies become a living 

prayer-devotion in motion. 



Everyday Devotion - Guru Prem Singh Interview
Everyday Devotion - Guru Prem Singh Interview
Guru Prem Singh demonstrates Spinal Flex
Guru Prem Singh demonstrates 
Spinal Flex


NEW Dates for 
Dec 16 - 23, 2012
Lake Wales, Florida 
Registration Opens  
September 1st!
                 SUMMER SOLSTICE SADHANA              
            GuruPrem Singh & Simran Kaur 

Sat Nam Yogis and Yoginis,  


We are getting excited and ready for our annual journey to New Mexico for the Summer Solstice. This will be about the 34th time for GuruPrem, and I was a newborn baby at the 1972 Summer Solstice celebration!  


Whether you are new or returning, I am sure you are excited too!  We are looking forward to meeting and being with all of you, yoging, meditating, chanting, eating and singing together--nourishing our bodies, minds and souls, collectively healing ourselves to be able to heal the world!  Without properly taking care of ourselves and recharging our batteries, we cannot fully serve.  Enjoy this high energy solstice experience as we recharge together and serve together.

Join us for one or both of the classes that GuruPrem and I will be teaching:


A Comfortable Seat(Asana) for White Tantric Yoga - with Simran Kaur
This class will give you the principles of Divine Alignment and having your Heart Rule. These principles will allow you to sit with more ease. Those who have taken this class in previous years are so grateful for the tips and tools they learn, as they allowed them to have a much more enjoyable White Tantric experience and a better yoga practice!  


These principles also allow you to practice yoga, stand, walk, breathe, sit and meditate in alignment with your true self and gravity, and thus with less resistance and more ease!  

The second class will be an amazing, healing, musical experience, with songs, yoga and stories!  We have just finished a beautiful new album titled: 'Heal Me', the same as as our class. Join us for 'Heal Me - A Musical, Yogic and Meditative Experience' --  new music from our album, 'Heal Me', Kundalini Yoga, and some powerful meditations to help you awaken to your destiny, heal the wounds you have been carrying, and be your whole self so you can serve humanity!

Also, Simran will be teaching yoga daily to the 8-11 year olds, so if you are a parent or helper for the children, I also look forward to seeing you and your children. We always have a really fun time!

See you all soon in the Land of Enchantment!

Simran Kaur & GuruPrem Singh Khalsa


www.DivineAlignment.com  |   http://Simran-Kaur-Khalsa.bandcamp.com  



GuruPrem Singh  is teaching on Friday June22nd 

2:00pm - 3:30pm


Heal Me - Heal My World 

Join GuruPrem and Simran for Meditations, Music & Mantra to heal our wounds of life and love. Songs of the Aquarian Age, mantras to mend and stories of finding the ease in dis-ease, letting go, healing and miracles. How healing ourselves can bring healing to those around us, allowing the divine to work through us as we get out of the way.


GuruPrem Singh Khalsa was named 'Posture Master' by Yogi Bhajan. He is a Master Yogi and he has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 30 years. He is certified K.R.I. Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and an advanced Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. An expert on body awareness in relation to personal growth, he travels all over the world teaching the tools and rules of Divine Alignment and having your Heart Rule.




Simran Kaur is teaching on MONDAY, JUNE
2:00pm - 3:30pm 


A Comfortable Seat (Asana) for Tantric


A comfortable seat where we can find our ease and share it with all! Come enjoy a Kundalini Yoga Kriya to help you grow your Asanas (comfortable seat), set your foundation, carry your heart's contents and learn some invaluable information to bring more ease to your life, yoga practice and, of course, your White Tantric Yoga experience. Open to All!


Simran Kaur is a second generation Yogi (daughter of the SatJivan's, NYC) and wife and teaching partner of Posture Master, Guru Prem Singh. She studied in India for 10 years, Mastered Bound Lotus Kriya, teaches in Teacher Training all over the world, is a devotional singer, and the mother of two beautiful children.







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"Summer Solstice is an amazing combination of a Spiritual bootcamp, a Family Reunion, and a healing vacation. This will continue to be a part of my yearly self-care program."



Looking to fill these Teams:

Children's Food   |  Tent Set-up  |  Security  |   Parking


3HO Foundation International's Solstice Sadhana Celebrations wouldn't happen without Service Exchange participants. The success of the event depends on your dedication and commitment to doing seva (selfless service), one of the most powerful limbs of yoga. If you choose this powerful opportunity for spiritual growth, you will become an indispensable part of the backbone of this extraordinary event.


3HO's Commitment to the Service Exchange Team
3HO supports you in a rewarding service experience and facilitates your participation in the Solstice program with:

  • 2-3 workshops per day
  • 2-3 days of White Tantric Yoga
  • $208 reduced registration rate

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& ready for you to join the discussion!  
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