30 Days Until Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration
Featured Teacher : Ramdesh Kaur
Today's Tip: Start with your BREATH!! 
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
3HO Ether Tattva FULL LENGTH MEDITATION with Nirinjan Kaur
Day 11 : May 15, 2012


The first and last things 

we do in this physical lifetime 

are to take a breath. Along 

with oxygen, nitrogen, and 

carbon dioxide, the breath

contains prana, the life force. 

We are regularly taught we 

can't live without oxygen; it is 

also true we can't live without prana, the vital force 

that energizes the mind, 

body, and consciousness.

This 90 Day Support Sadhana consists of:
  • Chanting the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru Mantra for 11 minutes each day. Chant anytime of the day.
  • Receiving daily inspiration from our amazing Solstice Teachers.  
  • Encouragement to adjust your diet/lifestyle to better support your transformation.
  • The teachings of Yogi Bhajan that support you living a healthy, happy, holy life.
  • Sharing your experience, questions, and ideas on the New 3HO Community Discussion Forum.
Whether you make it to New Mexico for Summer Solstice or not we hope this Sadhana journey serves you to always be more and more YOU! Love, Team 3HO
Baba Siri Chand

     Breath is the Place to Start

1. Your rate of breathing and your state of mind are inseparable. 

2. The slower your rate of breathing, the more control you have over your mind.
3. The mind follows the breath, and the body follows the mind.

The breath is a fundamental tool 

for the Kundalini Yoga student.

The average rate of breathing for most people is about sixteen times per minute. When the rate of breathing increases, or if it becomes rapid and irregular, the mind also becomes disturbed 

and erratic.

More on 



Kundalini Yoga as Taught 

by Yogi Bhajan® employs a 

wide range of pranayam, using

 the breath to effect and manage 

different energy states of health, consciousness, and emotion.

The links below contain guidelines 

for simple breathing techniques - pranayam - that will get you 

on this path of healing 
and awareness.


Long Deep Breathing 

Calm the mind; balance the 

emotions; harmonize the body, 

mind, and spirit.


Alternate Nostril Breathing  

Energize and calm the 

nervous system.


 Breath of Fire

Strengthen the nervous system; 

purify the bloodstream; energize, stimulate, and wake up;

 increase vitality.


Suspending the Breath 

Recondition the nervous system; integration of the body systems; experience deep stillness, shuniya.

NEW Dates for 
Dec 16 - 23, 2012
Lake Wales, Florida 
Registration Opens  
September 1st!
Ramdesh Kaur

Sat Nam Beloveds,


I can't wait to join you on the hill at Guru Ram Das Puri. It's one of the high points of my year, and I always feel like I'm coming home to friends and family. But more than that, I feel like I come home to myself. It is a sacred environment that delivers challenges, thrills and countless blessings, and there is always time for me to take a quiet moment and reflect on my journey. Most of all, it is a time to relax and get back to the natural rhythm of my own body. How does it feel when I take a cold shower under the sky? How does it feel when hot wind caresses my skin like the walls of a canyon? How does it feel to chant to the sunrise with thousands of other souls? It feels like Love.

This year, with my life busier than ever, has been about learning to relax more. I've focused on learning to coax my body into relaxation and deep peace during stressful times. I've created a CD of guided meditation, visualization and relaxation to be released at Summer Solstice by Spirit Voyage, and I'll be teaching a class on just this. We'll go deep into an astral journey (joined by Harnam Singh), and then relax into a powerful shivasana with live music from another amazing Spirit Voyage musician or two. We'll de-stress and release tension from each part of our body, and if you are a Kundalini Yoga teacher, you'll learn how to guide your students through this type of yogic sleep.


I hope to see you there to relax and renew, and uplift and unwind with you!


Ramdesh Kaur


is teaching 
Friday, JUNE 22nd


Join Ramdesh Kaur for a journey into the ethers! This class will focus on deep meditation and guided relaxation for healing and peace. After a short kriya given by Yogi Bhajan to aid astral travel, we will consciously relax our bodies and take our minds into the ethers...where we become One. Class will feature live music.


Ramdesh Kaur hosts Spirit Voyage's 40 Day Global Sadhanas. Author of the book "Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart (see below)," she teaches extensively and hosts Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh. 


Her first CD of guided meditation and conscious relaxation is due to be released at Summer Solstice 2012. 


More about Ramdesh Kaur at Spirit Voyage



Listen to this recording of Anand Singh, 3HO Events Director, on Unity Radio with Ramdesh Kaur talking about the Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration and 3HO's International Women's Camp

Kundalini Yoga Pranayama: Warm Up with Breath of Fire with Ramdesh Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Pranayama: Warm Up with Breath of Fire with Ramdesh Kaur

Kundalini Transformation Kit: Yoga & Mantras for Whole Heart
Artist/Author: Ramdesh KaurKaran Khalsa

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"I have attended Summer Solstice in Espanola New Mexico for the last two years. The circumstances which initially led me to Solstice were tragic and traumatizing. However, the experience of Solstice was reassuring and defining of the path my life should take. It was/is the only time where I could concentrate on developing my inner ear...that ear that listens to me and not the noise created by a world of fear and dispair. Sadhanna every day was the most special time of sharing enlightenment with others in a non-verbal form. Summer solstice has provided me an opportunity to rebalance my life and redirect my efforts so that I may continue experiencing my life in a more abundant manner. The place where Solstice is held is special in many ways and you can feel the calm and serenity set in as soon as you approach it. It is definitely a special place which is enhanced by the instructors, lecturers, and attendees every year."

Looking to fill these Teams:

Children's Food   |  Tent Set-up  |  Security  |   Parking


3HO Foundation International's Solstice Sadhana Celebrations wouldn't happen without Service Exchange participants. The success of the event depends on your dedication and commitment to doing seva (selfless service), one of the most powerful limbs of yoga. If you choose this powerful opportunity for spiritual growth, you will become an indispensable part of the backbone of this extraordinary event.


3HO's Commitment to the Service Exchange Team
3HO supports you in a rewarding service experience and facilitates your participation in the Solstice program with:

  • 2-3 workshops per day
  • 2-3 days of White Tantric Yoga
  • $208 reduced registration rate

& ready for you to join the discussion!  
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