Next Workshop: Growing Your Own - Fresh Zero-Mile Eggs
One Island
How to Grow Your Own Eggs 
with chickens and ducks
 Saturday, July 28th, 9-11am at One Island


One Island's Homestead Foods Workshop series is promoting food independence and self reliance. We'll be covering growing, preparing and preserving fruits, veggies and fungi for improved nutrition, wellness, and island food security. Eggs can be an excellent strategy towards that goal.




On Saturday, July 28th, 9-11am, Honomolino Farmer Nani Kapoi joins us to lead a discussion on strategies for enjoying fresh local eggs from your farm or garden. Come share your experiences or learn about how to get started. This is a free workshop for Hawaii residents.


RSVP to [email protected] to reserve a space in the workshop.


What are the benefits of ducks or chickens in your garden or on your farm? How can you find the least labor intensive way to care for your birds? What is the difference between having chickens or ducks? or both? What are the differences between breeds of chickens and ducks? What is a chicken tractor? And what facilities are needed to successfully create your own mini egg farm?  


If you currently have chickens or ducks - or want to learn how to begin growing your own eggs - you are invited to join in this Homestead Foods discussion circle.


chicken tractor 


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