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APRIL 2012 Newsletter. v7. Honaunau, Hawaii
Featuring :  Coconut Farm and Art Fair, Earth Day Celebration,
Procession of the Species Costume Workshops and Promenade,
Innovation Contest, plus Great Workshops and Garden Volunteering.
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March 30th - Growing Greens

April 6th - Native Bird

Field Trip to Volcano

April 14th - Coconut Fair 

 April 15th and 18th - Earthday Costume Workshops

April 20th - Got Dirt? and Garden Volunteering

April 21st -Earth and Ocean Festival at Keauhou

April 24th - Film Night Potluck

April 27th - Beyond Organic

April 29th - Dog Park


Local Food Workshops, Festivals and
Field Days
Mark Your Calendar 
The Same Canoe Community Garden Project presents an ala carte menu of great garden classes, special events and field trips with the island's BEST teachers:
Growing Greens
at Earth Matters Farm, Oceanview, 1-3 pm
Fri. March 30th


Native Bird Field Trip to Volcano
Fri. Apr. 6th
COCONUT Farm and Art Fair
Sat. Apr. 14
Kealakekua, 10-4
below Konawaena Elem.


Procession of the Species Costume Workshops

Sun. April 15 and Wed. April 18, 11-3


Got Dirt?
w/ Gerry Hebert and 
Bob Shaffer
Fri Apr 20th


Community and School Learning Gardens
w/ Nancy Redfeather
Fri. April 20th 


Earth & Ocean Festival
Sat. April 21st Procession 11am
Beyond Organic
w/ Jana Bogs
Fri. Apr. 27


Aquaponics and
Water Harvesting
May 4th and 6th


Composting and Vermiculture
 w/ Recycle Hawaii
Fri. May 11th


w/ Steve Sakala
Fri. May 18th


Container and Vertical Grow Systems
Fri. May 23rd
Bio Char
w/ Josiah Hunt
June 8-9


Reforestation with Native Trees
Sat. June 16th


Solfest 2012
Sat. June 23rd 

solfest kids

Celebrate Sustainability!

Sustainability Innovation Award


Bamboo House

Got a great idea?

One Island is launching the SUSTAINABILITY INNOVATION AWARD Challenge. All ages are welcome to enter and the three categories for the competition are: 1. Proven, Operating Inventions, 2. Prototypes,  3.Designs and Concepts. Inventions can be physical objects or behavioral change concept models.

August 1st is the deadline  for Challenge Award applications  and the awards will be announced at the Green Living Tour on October 6th. To request an application, email    [email protected]


Native Bird Field Trip

Mauka to Makai Bird

Friday, April 6th
Field Trip to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center 
 in Volcano. 9-11am.
CLICK HERE to learn more.


South Kona

Dog Park Day

~ now on Sundays ~


Bring your favorite friend for a fun romp on the farm. Next Doggie Play Day is SUNDAY, April 29th, 11am-1pm. Bring a picnic for lunch!  Email [email protected] for directions


Farmer's Market
Support local farms at the One Island booth, every Sunday at the South Kona Green Market under the Same Canoe banner. Locally grown fruits and vegetables and we feature free samples of solar baked goodies. Yum!
Put your money where your heart is - Buy Local!
girl monarch
Summer Youth Camp
One Island's facility is a year-round, hands-on, living  laboratory for learners of all ages. This summer we are organizing a Youth Sustainability Camp:
June 18-23 (ages 10-18)
Renewable Energy
Organic Gardening
Soil Science
Health and Nutrition
Hawaiian Plants
Watershed Studies
Environmental Stewardship
Arts and Crafts
Music and Performance
[email protected] for information


April is Amazing - Coconut and Earth Day Festivals, a new Sustainability Innovation Contest, more great teachers and fun workshops, plus invitations for school garden volunteering.


taroOne Island is hosting the SAME CANOE Community Gardens Project and we're collaborating with wonderful garden partners.


Launched in January 2012, Same Canoe has been hosting a great series of garden, wildlife, and forestry workshops to help Reclaim Our Local Food System.


A Big Thanks to our 15 school and non-profit community partners who will be building community gardens with One Island, USDA, and community support this year: The ARC of Kona, Honaunau School, Hookena School, KUPA  of Ho'okena,  Konawaena High and Middle Schools, Ke Kula 'O  Ehunuikaimalino, Kona Pacific Charter School, Innovations Charter School, Seventh Day Adventist School, West Hawaii Explorations Academy, Feed Hawaii, Ka Ohana O Na Pua, County of Hawaii Elderly Recreation Services, and Na Wahi Ola.



Green IS a Verb - Let's Do It, Together! 


ParadeEarth Day Costume


Sunday, April 15th

and Wed. April 18th



All around the world, people are working together to create a fantastic artistic celebration of the diversity of life on earth. These Community Parades are called Procession of the Species. Let's start one in Kona on Earth Day! We can help you construct a costume - or bring your own to the April 21st event (more details below)

Got Dirt?

Friday, April 20th

9am-noon at Kawanui Farm, Honalo


Here in Hawaii, soil is a precious commodity. Come learn how to build great soil with master farmers Gerry Hebert and Bob Shaffer. Morning session, 9am-noon, will be at the beautiful Kawanui organic farm in Honalo, followed by a BYO Picnic Lunch with option to stay for an afternoon session with Nancy Redfeather.

$10 donation will benefit school garden volunteer program.

sutsunsLearning Garden Volunteers Invited

Friday, April 20th


with special presenter

Nancy Redfeather

Picnic Lunch 12-1,

then 1-4pm workshop

at Kawanui Farm in Honalo


Giving back as a volunteer is an important part of building sustainable communities. Community Gardens are a great way to make a real contribution towards sustainability. It feels good to do good and volunteers become role models for our youth and our neighbors. Two hours a week ? Two hours a month? All levels of participation are welcome at Same Canoe's school and community garden partner sites.


school garden 2

We invite you to join us on Friday the 20th to learn about dozens of garden volunteer opportunities that will:

Really make a difference in the lives of the people you will be helping - and their families 

Give you a way to 'go green' beyond your home or farm

Connect you to free learning opportunities at One Island and in our community

Please RSVP to [email protected] and
we'll send directions.

This workshop is offered FREE.

K-12 school gardens, gardens helping the disabled, senior citizen food gardens, preschool gardens, community gardens - all need our help. 

Please join us!

Earth and Ocean Festival
Keauhou Resort Grounds
Saturday, April 21st
10am-4pm with
Procession of the Species 11am
Io and Pueo Join us for this fun annual celebration of the wonders of the earth and sea. On Kona's Earth Day, we have a chance to honor and cheer the creatures and plants that we share this amazing Blue Planet with, every day.

For the first time, a colorful Procession of the Species promenade will take place so bring your creature or plant costumes to One Island's booth at 10am to sign in. Our first contingent will promenade the grounds at 11am so join in the fun and be a apart of Processions taking place all around the world.

Need a costume? We have skilled artists ready to help us create costumes using recycled materials on Sunday April 15th and Wednesday April 18th, 11am-3pm. Register for costume making at [email protected] or call 328-2452. Artists, families and friends welcome!

Clown fish and aneomone

Beyond Organics
with Jana Bogs
Workshop Fri Apr 27th, 9-noon
Farmers Markets 28th-29th
Raw Food 
Soil is magic - it gives us the nutrients we need to not only survive, but also thrive. Come lean how our soil's chemistry can be adjusted to grow much healthier, more nutritious foods. Workshop on Friday morning is a chance to gain a better understanding of enhancing our soil and improving our food system. Bring some produce and we'll learn just how nutritious it really is and what we can do to improve its nutritional value. Produce testing also will be provided Saturday at the Keauhou Farmers Market and Sunday at the South Kona Green Market. Look for the  Same Canoe booth.
Day on the Farm
Volunteer Wednesdays


KavaWednesdays are  Volunteer Days at One Island and both island residents and visiting guests from around the world lend a hand for educational work projects, take the farm tour, and then enjoy a community lunch.
Lead by Farm Project Manager, Raven Bolas, we've been revitalizing the edible landscape and butterfly exhibits - and making great progress getting the greenhouse irrigation installed. More local food and impoved wildlife habitats are the result of these valuable efforts. Work projects 8:30-11:30, tour 11:30, Lunch 12:30.
Many thanks to our volunteers!


To participate, please email [email protected]    
Solar Oven Buying Club
Delicious foods with NO propane or electric costs?
You bet!


solar ovenOne Island has formed a Buying Club for the best sustainability products. Our group buying power helps us bring you great products at a reduced price. Save up to $50!
A. Solar Oven, shipped to your address - $325
B. Solar Oven with 3 rack food dehydration kit  and 4 cooking pans - $399 delivered to your door.
Each Farmer's Market we showcase new food products prepared in the Solar Oven - chocolate brownies, granola, fruit crisp, kabocha squash spice bread, banana chocolate brownies, dried mango, dried banana - we keep trying new things and LOVE this oven. Stop by the Sunday South Kona Green Market to see it in action. Sign up for the Buying Club by emailing [email protected] or at the Market Booth.
Sustainable AG FORUM News

Same CanoeOn March 6th, One Island invited WHEA's middle and high school students to present at the Sustainable Ag Forum in Kona to share their innovations with farmers and farm advocates from through out West Hawaii. Their presentations created quite a buzz and we thank them for sharing their ag experiments with our community. They are preparing reports on their experience and you can read those here.


Other buzz from the forum is a readiness to move into planning and action working groups. The new sustainableaghawaii communication tool has been set up as a Yahoo Group and all interested farmers and farm advocates are welcome to subscribe. To participate, go to and search for ' sustainableaghawaii ' . Our goals are to share knowledge and foster planning for positive change as we move towards increasing the island's food independence. 


A Big Mahalo to the Hawaii Department of Labor and Department of Agriculture for hosting this collaborative event to help identify current issues and seek solutions.


Student comments about the Ag Forum


Innovations and Sustainability Panel, By Danielle Hathaway


In the morning, during the conference part of the day, I went to the Innovations and Sustainability panel. There, everyone introduced themselves and I found myself surrounded by a wide range of people with many different ideas and opinions. Many of the participants in this discussion found that the island was really lacking practice of sustainability. There was a large agreement that the island alone had sustained thousands of people before, it still could, yet is not and something in that picture is wrong. The major problem that everyone had come to a conclusion to was that organic food from a sustainable farm is not supported by the government through subsidies.  On the whole the government supports GMO conventionally grown cheap food.

The group then decided that the best way of implementing sustainability was through education in schools. It was agreed that schools should have gardens. When children are younger they could plant in it, grow food, and harvest food and when the children grow older they would be able to also prepare the food to share.


Film Nights
Real DirtFilm nights offer us a chance to enjoy a thought provoking film after sharing in a community potluck. Don't have time to cook? $10 meal donation welcome.   Films start at 7pm.
Dinner 6-7, Farm tour 5-6.

Tuesday, April 24th 
Film: The Real Dirt on Farmer John
aka "it ain't easy being green"
A humorous and poignant look at the challenge of being a small farmer today.






One Island is focused on expanding its South Kona Ag Park facility and Programs.  To help us better serve more local families, farms, small businesses and non-profits, we are seeking support for the following assistance: 
Gleaners  to help our community capture abundant foods that would otherwise go to waste
Volunteer Coordinator to help school students and local families be of service
Adminitrative Assistants with experience in community capacity building for Agriculture, Energy, Health and Wellness, Youth and Family, Art and Culture and Natural Resource programs
Videographer to help us capture and share talk story from our participant's perspective
Commercial kitchen facility to help local growers and  producers make better use of their produce
Mobile kitchen that can travel to reach remote farm locations to help struggling farmers to create value-added products for market
Solar  More funding  to help serve the 300 solar grant participants on our waiting list and hundreds more in our service areas
GIS Mapping assistance to document the accomplishments and findings of our projects
Driveway installer to improve access to the farm-based facility
Artists-in-Residence are invited to come for a personal retreat on the farm and bring their music, performace or visual art to our community on the One Island stage and lawn 
  Help us raise this Sustainability 'Barn' in 2012!