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MARCH 2012 Newsletter. v6. Honaunau, Hawaii
Featuring :  Community Garden Volunteering, Ag Forum,
Ethnobotany, Natural Farming, 13 Grandmothers
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March  2nd - Garden Volunteering Workshop

March 3rd - Intl Drumming Day

 March 6th  - Ag Forum

March 9th - Ethnobotnay

March 20th - Thriteen Grandmothers

March 24th -25th  Natural Farming Workshop

March 25th - Dog Park

Ag Forum

hosted by the

Hawaii Depts of Agriculture and Labor

kuaiwi taro
Tues., March 6th
King Kamehameha Hotel, Kona

Click here to learn more. 

Local Food Workshops, Festivals and Field Days
Mark Your Calendar 
The Same Canoe Community Garden Project presents an ala carte menu of great garden classes, special events and field trips with the island's BEST teachers:
Rainforest Ethnobotany
w/ Kat Harrison
Fri. March 9th
Natural Farming
w/ Drake Weingart at Ginger Hill Farm
March 24-25th


Growing Greens
Fri. March 30th


Greenhouse and Nursery Starts
Fri. Apr. 6th


at Ginger Hill Farm
Sat. Apr. 14th


Growing Soil
w/ Gerry Hebert and 
Bob Shaeffer
Fri Apr 20th AM
Earth & Sea
at Keauhou Resort
Sat. Apr 21st
Community and School Learning Gardens
w/ Nancy Redfeather
Fri. Apr 20th PM
Beyond Organic
w/ Jana Bogs
Fri. Apr. 27


Aquaponics and
Water Harvesting
May 4th and 6th


Composting and Vermiculture
 w/ Recycle Hawaii
Fri. May 11th


w/ Steve Sakala
Fri. May 18th
Fruit Lovers Festivities
Sat. May 19th
Container and Vertical Grow Systems
Fri. May 23rd
Bio Char
w/ Josiah Hunt
June 8-9


Reforestation with Native Trees
Sat. June 16th


Solfest 2012
Sat. June 23rd 

solfest kids

Celebrate Sustainability!

South Kona

Dog Park Day

~ now on Sundays ~


Bring your favorite friend for a fun romp on the farm. Next Doggie Play Day is SUNDAY, March 25th, 11am-1pm. Bring a picnic for lunch!  Email [email protected] for directions


Farmer's Market
Support local farms at the One Island booth, every Sunday at the South Kona Green Market.  Yum!
Put your money where your heart is - Buy Local!

March is Marvelous - great teachers, fun workshops, Thirteen Grandmothers, and school garden volunteering. Plus our driveway entry was regraded!


school gardening


One Island's

school garden volunteers

are happy campers:


"Having the opportunity to work with kids in the garden has provided me with an amazing source of inspiration and fulfillment. Being able to bring issues I care about deeply and pass them forward to the youth is not only fun but an obligation I feel we owe to our planet for its well being." Theo Bacon, Same Canoe School Garden Volunteer


To learn more about becoming a garden volunteer email [email protected]



Green IS a Verb - Let's Do It! right here in our

own community.



Ethnobotany Workshop

with Kat Harrison of

Botanical Dimensions

Friday, March 9th



Kat HarrisonBotanical Dimensions is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and propagation of medicinal and shamanic plants from the tropics around the world.


Directed by Kat Harrison, BD is currently working on conserving an important Amazon Rainforest specimen collection and herbarium in Peru, and also operates an international tropical plant collection here in Hawaii in a remote cloudforest location.


This workshop will be a special chance to gain a better of understanding of Botanical Dimension's work in the gathering of folklore, methods and recipes concerning the traditional uses of  medicinal plants. Since the very beginning of humankind, the healing properties of the plant world have been invaluable in maintaining well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Cultures throughout the world have depended on medicinal and shamanic plants as the source of their physical cures and their spiritual guidance, yet many of these plants and their stories are now endangered or forgotten.


REGISTER ONLINE : $15 donation CLICK HERE to Register.
13 Grandmothers
Spring Equinox Gathering
Tuesday, March 20th
Potluck and Film 
w/ Special Wed. Afternoon Listening Sessions through Apr12th                                                 
March is Women's History Month and with women's issues prominently  in the news of late, it seems even more important to honor the shared wisdom women offer our global community.
One of the most meaningful signs of this wisdom sharing are the Thirteen Grandmothers gatherings that take place around the world and enable indigenouse knowledge keepers from many tribal groups to come together and share their life stories, experiences, and cultural wisdoms. Our film night will share their stories.
March 20th also coincides with World Storytelling Day and we are hosting this Community Potluck and Film Night to honor Spring Equinox, Women's History Month, and the World Storytelling observations.
RSVP to [email protected] and we'll send driving directions. Farm walk 5-6, Dinner 6-7, film showing and discussion 7-9. All ages welcome. This event is FREE.
Wednesday Afternoon
13 Grandmothers Listening Sessions
The 13 Grandmothers are hosting a live call-in workshop
series that you can join from your home or at One
Island's Sustainable Living Center in Honaunau.
Dates: Feb 29, March 5,14,21,28, Apr 4 & 12
To attend at One Island, please email  [email protected]
Saturday, March 3rd
Learn more
about the local event
by clicking below.
Day on the Farm
Volunteer Wednesdays
8:30-12:30 plus lunch


canoe workshhopWednesdays are  Volunteer Days at One Island and both island residents and visiting guests from around the world lend a hand for educational work projects, take the farm tour, and then enjoy a community lunch.
Lead by Farm Project Manager, Raven Bolas, we've been revitalizing the edible landscape and butterfly exhibits - and making great progress getting the greenhouse irrigation installed. More local food and impoved wildlife habitats are the result of these valuable efforts.
Many thanks to our volunteers!


To participate, please email [email protected]                                          
Solar Oven Buying Club
Delicious foods with NO propane or electric costs?
You bet!


solar ovenOne Island has formed a Buying Club for the best sustainability products. Our group buying power helps us bring you great products at a reduced price. Save up to $50!
A. Solar Oven, shipped to your address - $325
B. Solar Oven with 3 rack food dehydration kit  and 4 cooking pans - $399 delivered to your door.
Each Farmer's Market we showcase new food products prepared in the Solar Oven - chocolate brownies, granola, fruit crisp, kabocha squash spice bread, banana chocolate brownies, dried mango, dried banana - we keep trying new things and LOVE this oven. Stop by the Sunday South Kona Green Market to see it in action. Sign up for the Buying Club by emailing [email protected] or at the Market Booth.
Natural Farming Workshop
with Drake Weingart
at Ginger Hill Farm, Kealakekua
Mayumi's Farm

Drake returns to West Hawaii to follow-up on the Natural Farming workshop hosted at One Island the summer of 2011. He will be presenting a full two-day workshop at Ginger Hill Farm. Tuition is $100 for both days, payable directly to the presenters.
Email [email protected] for information.

Natural Farming methods developed by Master Cho of Korea are gaining support all over the Big Island for the beneficial ways they use indigenous micro-organisms to improve the quality of our rocky soils, mitigate manure challenges, increase fertility, and help us grow more local food.
Ginger HillThis workshop will be held on the grounds of Mayumi Oda's beautiful Ginger Hill Farm and will include DIY activities and IMO presentations. These are proven techniques yielding great results.

"Growing the change we want to seed
in the world"
Summer Youth Sustainability Camps
girl monarch 
One Island's facility is a year-round, hands-on, living  laboratory for learners of all ages.
This summer we are organizing two YES! Youth Empowerment for Sustainability Camps:
June 18-23 (ages 10-18) and July 16-20 (ages 13-18).

Traditional Hawaiian and multi-faceted sustainability tools and practices will provide hands-on experiences. 
Email [email protected] for information.






One Island is focused on expanding its South Kona Ag Park facility and Programs.  To help us better serve more local families, farms, small businesses and non-profits, we are seeking support for the following assistance: 
Gleaners  to help our community capture abundant foods that would otherwise go to waste
Volunteer Coordinator to help school students and local families be of service
Adminitrative Assistants with experience in community capacity building for Agriculture, Energy, Health and Wellness, Youth and Family, Art and Culture and Natural Resource programs
Videographer to help us capture and share talk story from our participant's perspective
Commercial kitchen facility to help local growers and  producers make better use of their produce
Mobile kitchen that can travel to reach remote farm locations to help struggling farmers to create value-added products for market
Solar  More funding  to help serve the 300 solar grant participants on our waiting list and hundreds more in our service areas
GIS Mapping assistance to document the accomplishments and findings of our projects
Driveway installer to improve access to the farm-based facility
Artists-in-Residence are invited to come for a personal retreat on the farm and bring their music, performace or visual art to our community on the One Island stage and lawn 
  Help us raise this Sustainability 'Barn' in 2012!