Quality Transport Services of Arizona
Quality Transport Services of Arizona
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October, 2011

Quality Times
To Our Favorite Customer,

Happy Halloween - and we promise the weather will be cooling off soon - any day now! Meanwhile, our pumpkins are looking more like pumpkin pies!

Our new software system is in place, and you should be soon seeing faster responses to your questions, quicker reservations with less repeated information, and overall continuously improving service.

We were able to reduce our temporary fuel surcharge last month, and we are monitoring gasoline prices in the hopes that we can eliminate it altogether.

We brought a new ambulatory only vehicle on-line recently, and a new WC/STR combo van arrives in two weeks. QTS brings you the youngest and best equipped fleet in the business. This means more reliable service, and a safer, more comfortable ride.

Thank you for your continued business - and for your trust in us to safely transport your patients.
QTS Newsletter Team
Quality Transport Services of Arizona
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Breast Cancer Awareness
From the American Cancer Society

Pink RibbonAlthough there's no sure-fire way to prevent breast cancer, certain lifestyle habits are linked to a lower risk of developing it. Getting regular mammograms and breast exams is also important, because these tests can find breast cancer early, when it is more treatable. 

Listen to some real women talk about getting a mammogram, and sign up for a mammogram reminder to make sure you don't forget yours.

More information available from the American Cancer Society.


Happy Halloween
Keeping your kids safe - a reminder...

Children should always go out trick or treating accompanied by a responsible adult. If you have a group of kids going, the parents should choose two or three of them to go along and keep an eye on things. 

Plan a safe route so parents know where their older kids will be at all times. Set a time for their return home. Make sure that your child is old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves. Make sure that they have a cell phone.  

Let your children know not to cut through back alleys and fields if they are out alone. Make sure they know to stay in populated areas and not to go off the beaten track. Let them know to stay in well lighted areas with lots of people around. Explain to them why it can be dangerous for kids not to do this. If they are going out alone, they are old enough to know what can happen to them in a bad situation and how to stop it from happening.  

Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. This way you can check for any problem candy and get the pick of the best stuff!  

Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car. Explain why this is not a god idea and what to do if someone approaches them and tries to talk to them.  

Make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars.


About Us
Our mission is to deliver Safety - Reliability - Value

We strive to continuously improve our services to you. Please let us know where we can improve. We value all your feedback - and suggestions for doing better. We review every note, letter, and phone call for opportunities to improve.

We work for you - and we appreciate it every time you call, fax, email, or submit a reservation on-line. 

Thank you.
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Quality Transport Services of Arizona
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Breast Cancer Awareness
Halloween Safety
Thank you T.D.



So much of our lives are based on our perspective. The way we see things definitely determines and drives the way we respond to them.


It's like the two shoe salesmen who were sent out to scout the prospects of selling their product in a distant land. Upon arriving, they found that nobody wore shoes. The one salesman telegraphed his headquarters that it would be a useless venture: "Don't waste your time, nobody even wears shoes over here!" His colleague, however, had a more optimistic outlook: "You'll never believe it! Everybody needs shoes, and there's absolutely no competition!"


Perspective, perspective, perspective... it makes all the difference.


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Thank you!

My name is T.D. and I recently used your services to travel to the VA hospital and then back home. I was impressed with the professionalism of your driver, Randy W. It was a delight being a passenger with Randy at the wheel! 
Thank you, Sincerely,

T.D. - Veteran - US Army

Thank you TD! And Thank You to our senior driver and lead driver trainer - Randy W.!