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September 28, 2011 
  Fine Tuning Your House Pattern for the New Season 
Recreation logo_140x140This is the time of year when new seasons have begun and pattern decisions are being put to the test. You've made your choice, laid out your pattern, and now things aren't going exactly as planned. You've verified that your machine is in perfect working order, now what do you do?  Read more
  Process Verification - What it is and Why we do it

Process Verification JJ

There are four questions on the minds of competitive bowlers at every event in the world:

  1. Who chose this condition?
  2. What right did he or she have to do this?
  3. What was the motivation of the person choosing?
  4. Were the lanes conditioned the same from week-to-week, day-to-day, and squad-to-squad, or was an adjustment made to change the outcome of the event? 

Find out more 

  Kegel and ETBF Extend Partnership for 2012-2014

The Netherlands - September 17, 2011: A well working partnership between Kegel and ETBF has existed already for seven years, beginning with a one year agreement followed by two agreements of each three years of duration. It is a pleasure for the Presidium of the European Tenpin Bowling Federation to be able to inform, that we have entered into the fourth consecutive agreement with Kegel, and to announce Kegel to be the Official Lane Maintenance Partner for ETBF in 2012-2014. Read more...

  History - The Balance of Bowling
ABC Bulletin_160x120TWO PREDOMINATING MOTIVES lead the average person to take up bowling. Stated simply, one is the desire for a pleasant and health-giving recreation; the other is the hope of becoming reasonably expert in the game. To gain a sensible balancing of these prime motives is to benefit immeasurably as a life-long and happy follower of the tenpin art. Read more
  Kegel Bring your pet to work day 

 Take your pet to work day
On September 2, we here at Kegel celebrated our first annual Bring your Pet to Work Day.


To see more pictures from our event, please visit us on Facebook.  


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Fine tuning your house pattern
Process Verification
Kegel and ETBF Extend Partnership
The Balance of Bowling
Kegel Bring your pet to work day
Sanction Technology™ 
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The most accurate, verifiable way of applying lane conditioner to a bowling lane...ever. 
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