The Summer 2012 Olympics Put
Acupuncture in the Spotlight


As the world watches the Summer 2012 Olympics with bated breath, Chinese medicine has stepped into the spotlight. Each athlete has a regime that allows him or her to best perform, and sometimes it extends beyond the typical physical training. Many professional athletes employ an acupuncturist to keep in top shape.


To maintain peak performance, it's not uncommon for athletes to have consistent treatments with an orthopedic acupuncturist. These treatments can range from acupuncture to cupping or Chinese herbology. An acupuncturist with orthopedic training can treat tendoninitis, acute trauma like bruising, swelling, and muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, as well as chronic pains such as low back, shoulder, knee and ankle pain, often caused by a sprain...READ MORE 

Traveling this Summer?
Make the Most of Your Trip with TCM 


It's officially August! You have one more month for all your summer travel plans. Going on any camping trips this summer? Whether you're going hiking for the day or taking a river tubing adventure, there are some traditional Chinese medicine items and tips that can help you get the most out of your vacation.  


Whatever outdoors activity you're planning, beware the mosquitos. White flower oil is a natural and effective treatment for bug bites, so be sure you have some in your backpack and use it generously. White flower oil is made from Chinese herbs and is a strong analgesic (pain reliever). You can apply it directly to skin, and one dab will relieve the itch of a mosquito bite. It can also be used as a preventative measure-try applying it behind your ears and on your elbows and knees before going outside. Mosquitos don't...READ MORE

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