Acupressure Points for Better Vision

Your eyes are two of the most complex organs in your body, but can often be taken for granted. Chinese medicine can help your eyes more than you know. It's never too late to start taking better care of your eyes.


People with cataracts (which includes nearly all adults over the age of 65) are told there is nothing that can prevent the growth of cataracts and therefore to wait until the cataract "ripens" (gets more opaque) and then have it removed surgically, according to  


This is a Western medicine approach, but in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), so much more can be done than surgery. Eye diseases in TCM are closely related to a weakness in the liver and kidneys. If the liver and/or kidneys are weak, then vision will be affected. Also, spleen health can also be a cause of something like cataracts because the spleen transports...READ MORE


What's that Ringing?
Tinnitus and How TCM Can Help 

Have you ever had an inexplicable ringing in your ears, but don't know why or how to get rid of it? You may have a condition called Tinnitus, and there is a wide array of causes. Exposure to sudden, loud music or explosive noises can cause Tinnitus, a nerve disorder that involves a consistent ringing sound in a person's ears. At its worse, Tinnitus can lead to deafness. Tinnitus affects one in 10 people, and can range from mild to chronic. While it is a common problem for veterans and the elderly, other common causes include whiplash or even dental work. While it is a difficult phenomenon for Western and East Asian medicine doctors to treat, tinnitus is not incurable.

In Chinese medicine, chronic Tinnitus is believed to be caused by kidney weakness, according to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Faculty Member Dr. Mohammed Javaherian. Acupuncture is recommended and treatments will focus most likely on the kidney meridians, as well as on points along the liver and gallbladder meridians to help strengthen the root of the problem...READ MORE

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