Don't Let Headaches Interfere with Your Life
Chinese Medicine Can Help 

Did you know that more people complain about headaches than any other type of ailment? There are approximately 45 million Americans suffering from chronic headaches each year, or about one in every six people, according to, and some of your choice painkillers may actually be triggering MORE headaches (these are known as "rebound headaches", but we'll get to those later).

This month, June, is National Headache Awareness Month, and with headaches mild to severe running rampant across the country, it seems appropriate to look into the different types of headaches that are plaguing people and to explore some Chinese medicine treatments that can help.


The first thing to recognize: not all headaches are the same. Therefore, one treatment method may not be right for treating all types of headaches. There are five main types of headaches classified in Western medicine: Tension headaches, Cluster headaches, Sinus headaches, Rebound headaches, and Migraine...READ MORE  

Improve Your Sinuses Today
What to Eat to Avoid Inflammation

Everyone has allergies from time to time, but imagine your life if you had a stuffy or runny nose, headache, or sinus pressure every day? This is what it's like for those with chronic sinitus. There is something natural that can not only reduce these symptoms, but make you feel more energized, boost your immune system, and can even improve your skin and hair health: eating foods that fight inflammation.


Traditional Chinese medicine has long held the belief that the foods you eat and the lifestyle you lead can impact your health as much as any medical regimen. Inflammation is the root cause of chronic sinus problems, as well as allergies and hay fever.


A nutritious diet can not only decrease inflammation in your system, but also boost your immunity to bacteria that can lead to sinus infections.  Also, there are foods that can unclog nasal passages and ease your breathing...READ MORE 
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