Holistic Opportunities Abound
in U.S. Hospitals

New Integrative Programs Offer Opportunities 

for Patients & Practitioners Alike 


The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently published a report that 42 percent of responding hospitals offer one or more Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies, up from 37 percent in 2007, and 26 percent in 2005.  This shows that the positive trend-lines are steady and that CAM is growing in popularity and acceptance.


Vice President for Quality and Patient Safety at AHA Nancy Foster said, "Hospitals have long known that what they do to treat and heal involves more than just medications and procedures. It is about using all of the art and science of medicine to restore the patient as fully as possible."


One of the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is self-care. The importance of diet, exercise, and an awareness of the body's comforts, discomforts, and what may be out of balance is paramount. Modern Western healthcare is catching up to the ancient mindset of preventative...READ MORE

The Chia Seed: Desk Pet or Superfood?


Did you know that the seeds from the chia pet of your childhood can also be grown in your garden as an incredible superfood? Chia seeds are edible on their own or cooked, baked, or mixed into other delights. This seed comes from the desert plant, Salvia hispanica, which is a member of the mint family.


The sprouts became famous as the Chia Pet, but the seeds of the plant have always been the most sought after portion. Common in southern Mexico, the chia plant was an integral part of the ancient Aztec and Mayan diets. To give you an idea of this power food's origins, "Chia" is the Mayan word for strength. It's making a major comeback today, as people realize the incredible health benefits of this tiny, versatile seed...READ MORE

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