What Season Change Means
for Your Body... 


And How Acupuncture Can Help!


Spring is officially here! And that means change, right? Longer days, warmer weather, flowers blooming...just to name a few, but what about us?  With all these changes going on around us, our bodies are naturally bound to react, and to prevent flu-like symptoms or other negative effects this spring, acupuncturists are recommending getting your dose of seasonal acupuncture.


Whenever there is a season change, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) beliefs, the energy frequency of the body or a person's "qi," may not be in harmony with the season's frequency. Therefore, a person's qi may be blocked, which leads to negative side effects from bodily sickness to mood swings. Acupuncture can help unblock that qi so that the person's energy aligns itself with the season...READ MORE

Holistic Nursing: More Opportunities to Heal


Florence Nightingale was born nearly two hundred years ago, and her nursing insights are still in use today. In addition to her contribution of "environmental nursing", in which she drove significant hygienic reform in hospitals, Nightingale was ahead of her time in her connection of the mind and body. One of the founders of what's known today as a holistic approach to medicine, Nightingale recognized the importance of caring for the whole person. She was one of the first in Western medicine to encourage a patient's preventative and self-care.


These principles carry over today as Western healthcare increasingly incorporates a holistic viewpoint. More than ever before, doctors acknowledge that preventative care is paramount. The importance of exercise, nutrition, and even stress-busting practices like yoga, meditation, and massage is now a mainstream concept. Holistic nursing brings this awareness to the next level...READ MORE

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