An Ayurveda Diet for Stress Relief
and Weight Loss 


PCOM Experts Talk Ayurveda and 

Traditional Chinese Medicine on Dr. Oz


Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition that views a person's physical and emotional well-being as being based on the proper balance of vital energies. Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine share this fundamental belief in the importance of balanced energies. As one might imagine, both of these traditions view weight fluctuations in terms of how balanced a person's mind, emotions, diet, digestion, metabolism and appetite are. Any imbalance here can lead to undesirable weight gain or weight loss. As the theory goes, only when the vital energies - in TCM, this energy is called "qi", and in Ayurveda, these multiple energies are called "doshas" - are properly balanced, will weight naturally come into balance, as well.


Ayurveda emphasizes how to adapt with nature to prevent the disease process from starting, and to ensure that health is maintained. Ayurveda offers three basic pillars: diet, sleep and exercise (yoga). In regard to eating, Ayurveda views ingestion as a very broad term, not just limited to the ingestion of food, but to the experience. In Ayurveda, food can be the number one preventative medicine. Each individual's psycho-physiology is taken into account and then he or she is offered a proper diet plan. According to Ayurveda, diet should support your physiology and lead to strong mind. A strong mind promotes clear thinking. Clear thinking...READ MORE!

12 Reasons Why You Need a Website


Let's face it: We practice an ancient medicine in a modern world. You are not only a healer but also a business owner in a rapidly changing world that seems to gravitate more and more towards marketing online. Getting a website up and running in order to attract new patients may feel like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. Below are 12 good reasons for not letting this apprehension stop you from taking the next step for practice success.


1) It is targeted

A website has the ability to allow you to market your practice to "warm" leads -patients actively searching for an acupuncturist- rather than you trying hard to make your presence known in your community.  A prospective patient browsing your website has the opportunity to get a feel for who you are before they even meet you in person. At this point, how good your website represents you will determine whether or not this "just looking" patient makes an appointment.


2) Lots of space for content                    

A website provides you with the space that a brochure, a business card or a newspaper ad cannot. When people are shopping for a practitioner online, the more information they can access about you and how you practice, the better.  How long you have been in practice, what got you into acupuncture, health issues you specialize in treating, etc are information that will attract your ideal patients to you...READ MORE!

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