Ideas on How to Create and
Share Healthy Holidays

Holiday time is here! It's a good time to reflect on you, on your blessings from this past year and what your goals are for the new year. Make the most of this holiday season by honoring yourself and your loved ones and treating your body well.

  • Have a family cooking day. Teach your kids some basics in the kitchen and experiment with something festive and healthy to eat, like sweet potato and lentil stuffing or seasonal garden veggie soup.
  • Even if it's cold outside, take advantage of exploring nature as a family. Go sledding or for a brisk, bundled-up walk.
  • Make sure to sleep with your socks on. In TCM, illness often enters through your feet. Stay warm!
  • This year, really savor your holiday meals, and avoid overeating by leaving the table when you're done!

Brainstorming fun activities to do together can help you feeling sluggish or gaining weight, and will also help you connect with the most important people in your life.


Join our healthy holidays conversation this season and share some of your tips and ideas on Twitter! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout this month where we'll be discussing fun and easy ways to make this your best holiday season yet. When you search the hashtag #HealthyHolidays, you'll be able to see all of our suggestions. Use this hashtag in your own posts to contribute to the open dialogue!


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Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Symptoms of Poor Digestion

Poor digestion can have a big effect on a person's daily life. From stomach aches to frequent trips to the restroom or having to avoid certain foods, indigestion is something that most everyone is conscious of daily. However, sometimes people suffer from bad indigestion and have no idea of the cause or even the extent of the effect it has on their body. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are several physical symptoms to indigestion that the untrained eye would easily overlook. Knowing what to look for can help reveal the problem and lead to solutions.


A common physical sign of poor digestion is hair and nail health. The quality of hair, skin, and nails directly reflects the quality of a person's nutrition and their ability to absorb and digest nutrients. Specific traits of the nails or hair can sometimes reveal the digestion problem, but more often than not these signs are not diagnostic in themselves. However, for example, sometimes nail ridges can be a sign of...READ MORE.
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