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New York and Chicago Offering
Pediatric Clinics this Term  


Concerned parents are constantly searching for safer ways to ensure the health and happiness of their children. Through the balanced approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), children are given unparalleled medical attention. Effective in treating conditions like gastro-intestinal complaints, autism, developmental disorders, asthma, chronic ear infections, colic, and ADD/ADHD, TCM is incredibly beneficial.   


The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is please to be offering pediatric clinics at its campuses in New York and Chicago this term. With trained pediatric practitioners who integrate both Eastern and Western modalities, the clinics will be open to patients 18 years old and younger. Depending on each child's unique constitution and the comfort level of the child and parent, treatment will vary in form of acupressure, acupuncture, tui na bodywork, and herbal medicine.


For More Information:

Visit www.PacificCollege.edu


New York: (212) 982-3456

Chicago: (773) 477-4822 

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