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Massage Therapy for Austim
 Massage therapy can be adapted to accommodate patients with autism. The massage techniques are slightly modified to help autistics become more comfortable with human touch. Patients may respond defensively to being touched, and tend to respond negatively to certain textures. This improper or incomplete maturation of the tactile system can be treated with therapeutic massage, where the senses are stimulated gradually with a safe and nurturing approach. Clinical results have shown great improvements in communication between autistic patients and their caregivers, leading to a better quality of life. READ MORE
Treating BiPolar Disorder with Acupuncture

Bipolar patients struggle with a lifelong disorder that causes unpredictable manic and depressive episodes from day to day.  An estimated 1.9 million Americans suffer from this illness, and their families, jobs, and relationships are often disrupted by the persistence of extreme ups and downs. A typical treatment plan involves medication, new lifestyle choices, and some form of alternative or complementary treatment. One such treatment that is often used in conjunction with medication is acupuncture. READ MORE
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