Pacific Symposium Is This Week!
 There's still time to purchase tickets to one of the
biggest integrative medicine conferences in the US!

Our annual Pacific Symposium is an opportunity to experience a community of healers while learning from innovators in the field. This event, held at the beautiful Catamaran Resort Hotel draws acupuncturists, massage practitioners, chiropractors, nurses, medical doctors and traditional Chinese medicine students.

Earn CEUs and PDAs while listening to this year's speakers present current research and explore new techniques to integrate into your daily practice.

Pacific Symposium 2010 will showcase 73 exhibitors eager to present new products that can help revolutionize your practice.

Don't miss out on this year's Keynote Speaker: 
Dr. Miki Shima: The Traditional Transmission of Chinese Medicine

Saturday, November 6th


For more information or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE
Herbal Medicine During Pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy, nutrients are needed to cerate the cell needs to give the extra pounds of nerves, organs, glands, uterine muscle, skin of the fetus and bones, a placenta, several pounds of amniotic fluid, and an increase in blood volume. For such a process, a large amount of vigor and energy is required in the mother's body, which is why it's very important that extra nourishment is taken to meet all these requirements. There are many herbs that can be useful for certain ailments related to pregnancy. They can give you daily nourishment if you take it fresh with your meal or as an infusion or standard brew. READ MORE
Shiatsu Massage for Treating HBP

Shiatsu massage, also called Zen Shiatsu, is an Oriental medicine technique to treat common physical and psychological ailments through finger pressure. This particular type of massage therapy alleviates pain, get rids of depression, stress and anxiety and also reduces blood pressure. There are lots of ways to treat high blood pressure, including taking medications and going under a diet program. Zen Shiatsu fuses together philosophical, spiritual and medical facets of the human body making sure that energy called qi flows freely in the body. Circulating the energy carries away toxins and replenishes the body by bringing it back to it's natural state. READ MORE
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