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Congratulations to Micah Arsham!

Winner of the OM Newspaper Essay Contest

The OM Newspaper hosted an essay contest to give the students
and alumni of Pacific College a chance to start creating a name for
themselves in the field of Oriental Medicine.

Congratulations to Micah Arsham, whose essay entitled
"Chinese Medical Terminology: A Student's Perspective"
will be a featured article in the upcoming Winter 2011
issue of the OM Newspaper released in February. Micah is a
second year student in the MSTOM program at our San Diego campus.

The OM Newspaper Staff would like to thank all who participated,
making this an exciting and close contest!

Kimberley Davis, Brent Garcia, Carmela Lina Yerkes, Patrice Berg, Sue Cook,
BJ DiMartini, Margarita Troung, Vicky Lee, Sesame Pikunas, Karen Vaughan, Roger Rutz, Anna Strong, Alison Warren, Alex Garcia-Osuna, Kimberley Woo, JK Delapp, Jorge Gonzalez, Maryanne Travalione, Emily Lee, Angel Careaga, Nancy Cohn Morgan, Esther Hornstein, Anne Davies, Nicole Sheldon, Te-Hsin Lo, Barbara Ferrero, David Derdiger, Erin Silver Piccola, Robert Vena, and Anthony Harrison.

To read Micah's winning essay,  CLICK HERE
PCOM Needs Your Vote!

Massage Warehouse & Massage Today are hosting a Massage School Makeover! Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has been nominated for a chance to win and
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The contest includes enough products and supplies to furnish one of our campuses with a state-of-the-art clinic and library! Included in the makeover will be massage tables, massage chairs, rolling stools, linens, table warmers, fleece pads, blankets, hot towel cabis, cleaning supplies, charts, an extensive collection of products to complete a video library, book library, DVD library, a full music library, and a year's supply of lubricants, analgesics, and essential oils!

In addition, PCOM will be given FREE access to the World Massage Conference online for our students along with product samples and other surprises! The total value of the Massage School Makeover is over $62,000 and growing!

You can vote for any of PCOM's three campuses!  VOTE NOW

Hurry! Voting ends on Saturday, October 30th!
The winner will be announced on November 16, 2010.
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