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AFT on Refreshing Our Military's Electronic Systems

by Mark Casolara

As the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy transform our military forces to a network-centric capability, upgrading legacy computer system architectures to operate in this paradigm becomes costly and problematic.  Computer system architectures for ma
ny legacy military manned/unmanned applications (e.g. E-2C, F/A-18, Apache AH-64D, Aegis, etc.) connect point-to-point interfaces from sensors located in different geographic regions of the platform to the processing computers required to process, analyze, and display the data.  The processing computers are typically a component of a larger closed system so that distribution of the legacy sensors' data to other systems is either impossible or impractical. Because the information provided by these sensors is key to the development of networked-enabled advanced processing systems, these legacy sensors become a bottleneck in the implementation of a network centric approach. Due to this bottleneck, existing military systems will be unable to provide the data required to address DoN and DoD priority areas in transitioning existing fielded systems to a network-centric architecture without significant expense.
A solution to this conundrum is the Open System Interface Adapter (OSIA). OSIA is being developed by Advanced Fusion Technology (AFT), a Hawaii Corporation with offices in Lihue, HI and Springfield, VA. AFT is a small business specializing in modernization of legacy systems from a closed, stove-piped architecture using an open, standards based approach. The OSIA is a low cost, device which converts legacy point-to-point sensor data to an open standard network interface. The OSIA does not merely convert data to TCP/IP format as some other converters do, rather it provides data output using a widely accepted publish and subscribe architecture.

The heart of the OSIA is the OSIA System Controller (SC). The SC functionality is based upon the Xilinx Virtex-5 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).  In order to develop the SC, AFT turned to Neoventus. As a member of the Xilinx Alliance Program, Neoventus was uniquely positioned to assist AFT in the development, not only of the FPGA functionality, but in the turn-key development of the entire SC printed circuit board. Starting with a robust set of requirements, AFT and Neoventus worked hand-in-hand throughout the design, implementation and manufacturing cycles. Melding both companies' expertise to produced a design that exceeded expectations. Because of frequent communications and peer review processes, a first-run proof of prototype was produced which required only a single wire change.

Working with the team at Neoventus was truly a pleasure and we look forward to renewing our relationship on future programs.


Mark Casolara is the Director of Engineering for Advanced Fusion technologies, LLC. He has over 25 years experience in systems engineering, hardware and software development and full life-cycle support of complex systems for the US military. He can be reached at

For more information on Advance Fusion Technologies click here

In this issue of in-ventus, Mark Casolara, Director of Engineering for Advanced Fusion Technologies, gives us an overview of the OSIA system to be used in moving our military towards network-centric readiness. Also in this issue we announce the launching of our new website, a new relationship with STMicroelectronics, and provide insight into a real-world example of working remotely with our marketing partner, Third Eye Management, by way of our featured guest editorial in the CHAKRA.

We know there's some good stuff in here, but are always looking for your feedback on how we can improve as well as what really hits home. We also welcome ideas on topics or guest features. Looking for a soapbox for your technical narratives? - look no further!
AFT on Refreshing Our Military's Electronic Systems
'Marketing 101' the Remote Way
Neoventus and STMicroelectronics Gets an Overhaul!
What's Next ...

Neoventus' CEO, Jim Grimes, Provides Featured Editorial For Third Eye Management

Neoventus is a featured guest writer in the June issue of the CHAKRA. For a glimpse into marketing by way of remote coaching, check it out!

Neoventus Selected as a Design Consultant for STMicroelectronics

Neoventus is proud to announce that it been accepted to the STMicroelectronics Microcontrollers Design Consultants List.  Acceptance to the list is a testament to Neoventus' proven track record of successfully developing products based on ST ARM microcontrollers.  Most recently, Neoventus engineers developed a configurable IO module for use in the gas and oil well industry. This module, based on STMicroelectronics latest family of 32-bit ARM  M3 microcontrollers - the STM32, implements a wide variety of IO types and interfaces over USB. 
The Neoventus team is excited about its new  relationship with STMicroelectronics and looks forward to using their microcontrollers in future designs.  If your organization is in need of help with a design based on an ST Microcontroller, or any other ARM processor, you can leverage our experience to keep your program on track.

Our New Website!

fEEG AmplifierPlease visit our newly updated website at  The old site was in need of a face lift, and we're very pleased with the new look and greatly improved information about the 'who, what, when, why, where, and how' of Neoventus.

We employed the services of Todd Withrow and his team at NicheLabs and are very satisfied with the final product.  Todd delivered an affordable, quality product and NicheLabs gets our recommendation for anyone interested in creating a new website or updating an existing one.

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... Our clients put Neoventus' talents to use in the field!

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Mike Koch, VP / COO
Neoventus Design Group

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