September 2012
Week 2

Volunteer Toolkit: Registration Forms

October 1 starts the new membership year 


Each Girl Scout participant, both girl and adult, must register and become a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA.  GSUSA membership dues, which are currently set at $12, are sent on to GSUSA by the council.  GSUSA membership dues are valid from October 1 to September 30 each year.  Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland offers two ways to complete your membership registration information.


 Online Membership Registration is available!  Registrations through this system must be paid by either credit or debit card.  A valid email address is required to complete the process as well.  Each member using the system must have a unique, individual account.  Troop Leaders can also register or re-register troop members online.  If you have questions or need help through the process, please contact our Help Desk at


Troop Leaders: if you register or re-register troop members through the online system, please continue to collect a paper registration form with a parent/guardian signature for girl registrations, and an adult's own signature for adult registrations.  Indicate on the form that the registration has been submitted online.  These forms can be turned in to your closest GSKH office or mailed directly to the Wichita Girl Scout Center.  The online registration system gives troop leaders quick and easy access to their troop roster.


 Paper membership registration forms are available as well.  Forms can be printed and completed through our website or any council office.  Every blank on the form must be completed.  All membership registration forms that are completed by paper must have a Membership Registration Summary form attached when submitted.  


Fall Opportunity Sale (FOS) 2012 

We're counting down: 10, 9, 8 days...!      


Mint Trefoils In just ten days, on September 21, the Fall Opportunity Sale starts!  Have you scheduled a time to meet with the girls and parents in your troop or group regarding FOS?  Be sure to tell the girls and parents that FOS is a money earning activity for your troop and your troop earns 20% in Troop Proceeds. It's an easy and fun way for your troop to earn funds for your troop activities.  Last year, troops earned an average of $266 dollars in Troop Proceeds.


If you missed the FOS training in your area, please contact your FOS Service Unit Manager or a Product Sales staff member at the Council Office for further information about how to participate. We are happy to assist you. 


Spotlight on: Katie Utter, Registrar/Business Manager/Shop Sales in Salina  

Get to know your council support     


My role at GSKH is: As Registrar, Business Manager, and Shop Sales, my job is really to know as much as possible about GSKH happenings so I can relay the proper information to all callers and walk-ins and provide the "world class customer service" we strive for.  I don't always know the answer, but I think I may know it all when I'm 95!


The line from the Girl Scout Promise that means the most to me is: "And to live by the Girl Scout law."  Each line of the law is what all of us should strive for daily. Sometimes I fail, but I think that's part of the human condition.


When I'm not here, you can find me: at home sewing or reading, connecting with family and friends, and doing all the fun things I can't do during working hours!


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