August 2012
Week 3

Sign Up for Scouting 

What's the BIG deal?      


You have probably heard about Sign Up For Scouting (SUFS) but do you really know why it is such a BIG deal? Well, the main reason why it is so important to our council is because it is THE biggest, easiest way for us to increase our membership numbers in just a few weeks - from August to September - by adding new girl members, and hopefully their parents too, as member volunteers! What does this mean to you as a Girl Scout or volunteer? Try to think of it this way: the more girl members we have, the better it is for everyone!

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Here's why: If we recruit more girl members at Sign Up For Scouting this year, our fund development team has an easier time convincing funders to increase their contributions to Girl Scouts. That equals more resources for the program team to build fantastic, fun programming!  More resources also means more ways for the communications team to get the word out and advertise our fabulous programs and events so that we can retain our girl members and volunteers (YOU) and keep them involved and engaged. This will in turn help increase girl members even more because our current girl members will tell all of their friends about the amazing and awesome activities they get to do at Girl Scouts and then their friends will sign up to be Girl Scouts during Sign Up For Scouting time and we will have even more girl members! Get the picture?


So, now you are probably wondering how YOU can help during Sign Up For Scouting -That's easy! First, talk about Girl Scouts to everyone, everywhere you go! If you're interested in taking a more active role in Sign Up For Scouting, talk to your MVP Specialist about opportunities, and attend a "Sign Up For Scouting" volunteer training session so that you can help out with school talks and sign up nights!

- Stephanie Sykes, Membership Growth Specialist



Spotlight on: 

Laura Baxter, MVP Specialist  

Get to know your council support         


A typical week in my role as a Membership, Volunteer, and Program Specialist includes:  Talking to volunteers and parents, researching questions and new ideas, welcoming new families... and drinking lots of coffee!


My favorite thing about being a Girl Scout is: Knowing that just the small things can have big impact.


When I'm not here, you can find me: At home with my three kiddos, hubby, two dogs and a lizard, or chasing them to practices, games and activities, and finding time for the occasional date night!


Volunteer Essentials 

Your go-to guide!  


Do you have a question about your troop or group bank account?  Looking to plan a Girl Scout travel opportunity?  Need some pointers on working with girls of a certain age?   Check out Volunteer Essentials, the GSKH reference guide for volunteers.  You can download a copy, or view online.  Volunteer Essentials includes a five-chapter overview of volunteering for Girl Scouts, plus additional appendices on pathway opportunities:   troops,travel,and planning for event-camp-series programs.  You'll also find  Safety Activity Checkpoints to help you prepare for different Girl Scout activities.


100 Years of Girl Scouts and Kansas State Fairs 

Girl Scouts Invade the State Fair!  


Twenty twelve marks the 100th Kansas State Fair, as well as the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting. Gates are open September 7-16, 2012.


This year, we have found ways for hundreds of Girl Scouts to invade the Kansas State Fair!




They include:

  •  Volunteer Opportunities
  •  Competing  for ribbons and cash prizes
  •  Signing up to do a demonstration at the on-site Girl Scout cabin
  •  Showing your pride by wearing your uniform

 Read on for more details and to see the exclusive patch/bracelet for 2012. 


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