December 2011
Week 2

The Cookies are Coming!

Do you know when your Cookie Training is?

Troop Cookie Sale Managers need to attend Cookie Sale Training to learn how to have a successful sale and to receive your Troop's Cookie Sale Materials. Click
here to see which one of our 38 trainings scheduled across the council works for you. You can register for training online by going to and then

100 Things

clicking on Ultra Camp Login. You may also RSVP by sending an e-mail to


Remember, the Cookie Sale starts Saturday, Jan 21; start planning now by scheduling a Troop Meeting with girls and parents between Jan 13 and 19 to discuss the Cookie Sale and distribute materials.

Cookies Sale is Just Around the Corner   

By Stacy Ward Lattin, GSKH Outreach, Series, & Outcomes Specialist


Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to chaperone 12 remarkable young women who were chosen to be a part of the Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI) at the Girl Scout National Convention in Houston. The GSLI was all planned and implemented by girls from the San Jacinto Council in Houston, so the experience was customized to fit what girls are into right now...100 Thingstalk about girl-led! The four days of the GSLI included keynote speakers, breakout session, endless buffets of food, thousands of SWAPS encounters, and a party that was just for them! The favorite sessions of the week included STEM-themed sessions where the girls heard from NASA astronauts, female engineers, and even built their own robots. The girls were inspired after hearing from the National Young Women of distinction, and left the convention excited for their own gold award projects! Even though most of the girls had never met each other, they quickly became a tight-knit group, creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.


I spent the week in awe of these young women and the leadership skills that they will bring to the world. I had the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with them about their interests and what careers they would like to pursue, which overwhelmingly included careers in STEM and education.

See more of Stacy's experience and others on our GSKH Blog. Look for photos and videos from the Kansas Girl Scouts in attendance soon!


Volunteer Recognition and Awards    

Nominate those you see making it all happen!    


Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland appreciates all the wonderful support from adult members who contribute their time and energy to Girl Scouting. The council could not offer such high-quality programs and services without our many dedicated adult volunteers. In order to recognize these extraordinary women and men for their service, GSKH offers a number of volunteer awards at the local, council, and national levels.


Volunteer awards are for currently registered Girl Scouts volunteers who have given outstanding service that exceeds expectations, makes a unique contribution, or substantially supports the Girl Scout program. Any Girl Scout troop, service unit, or individual, such as a parent, can nominate a volunteer for an award.


Please review the award descriptions, and take the time to nominate the special Girl Scout volunteer in your life! Nomination forms can be mailed into any regional GSKH office, or emailed to Holly Slawkowski, Volunteer Services Manager. The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2012.


Pearls of Wisdom

5 Tips for Girl Scouting through the holiday season!


100 Things1. Get the girls involved in the planning of activities.

2. Be mindful of the possibility that all girls in your troop may not be of the same religion, so acknowledge how different religions celebrate the holidays.

3. Perfect time for a service project or two. Seniors, veterans,  nursing homes, and the military all appreciate being remembered.

4. Fundraising ideas include gift wrap stations, babysitting so parents can shop, bake sales, or troops can make a particular item and offer it for sale.

5. Holiday troop activities could include caroling, gift exchange, making cards to share with family, and a party for the troop, or, invite another troop to join you! 


*From Edie Mcquade, Russell Service Unit Manager and Troop Leader     


In 1914, Juliette Gordon Low sold her pearls to fund the cost of expanding the Girl Scout movement across the United States. It is a symbol of personal sacrifice and sharing.  Do you have your own pearls of wisdom to share? Send them to Holly Slawkowski     

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