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Holiday Giving Ideas

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts?  We have 3 GREAT ideas that will promote PEACE and LOVE!!!
Peace & Love Through Music Online Auction
Nov. 18-28  

4 super cool nonprofits are teaming to present a bounty of auction items.  Check it out!!  

Kids for Peace Books
Wish Big

Sponsor a Rafiki Amani in Honor of Someone
Heart Tree Banner
 In Japan 

 Kids for Peace Co-founder Danielle Gram traveled throughout Asia after graduating from Harvard.  Besides presenting Peace Packs and special notes to survivors of the Tsunami, Danielle visited Hiroshima on the anniversary of Japan's surrender in WWII. "The Hiroshima Peace Memorial was teaming with Japanese gathered to commemorate the devastating attack on Hiroshima and who hoped to teach their children about the importance of peace." She brought with her a 6' "Heart Tree" banner that the Kids for Peace kids painted to express the love they felt for the Japanese, and the kids' wishes for peace, hope, and happiness. Upon reception the banner was placed in The Children's Memorial in the Hiroshima Peace Park.

Our Sponsors
We are thrilled to thank our sponsors.  Their generosity makes a HUGE difference to our children.
Thank you!  Thank you! The Code Crew logo
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Art N Soul

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New Chapters 
Kids for Peace continues to grow and grow!  Below is a list of our newest Kids for Peace chapters.
  • Lucy's KfP  (Shawnee, KS)
  • Collier KfP     (Naples, FL)
  • Virginia KfP  (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Hope KfP (Carlsbad,CA)
  • Carlsbad High School Teens for Peace (Carlsbad, CA)
  • Kenya Teens for Peace                 (Mikai, Kenya)  
  • Suncoast KfP   (Clearwater, FL)          
Kids for Peace
Cofounders Receive Inaugural CISV Founders Award 

Jill and Danielle were honored with the first inaugural Founder's Award from CISV at a ceremony in Kentucky. CISV is an incredible organization focused on building global friendship for 60 years. Kids for Peace is thrilled and honored to partner with CISV!

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Kids for Peace is definitely feeling abundant and blessed in this season of harvest.  We have been planting so many seeds of peace, and we are thrilled to say, they continue coming to fruition.  From the launch of our Kids for Peace School in Kenya to our Heart Tree banner being presented to the Children's Memorial in the Hiroshima Peace Park  to the success of Bucks for Beds to the kick-off of our Lifelong Leaders Project, we have certainly been busy peace-builders!!

We hope you enjoy reading all the good news.  Our kids truly are an inspiration!!

With Peace and Appreciation,  
Jill McManigal
Cofounder and Executive Director

KfP School In Kenya Is Launched 

Cofounder Jill McManigal returned to Kenya in September to reunite with our Kids for Peace friends and check on the successful completion of our Bucks for Beds project.  While there, the community of Mikai, in partnership with Rieko Kenya, invited Kids for Peace to participate in an exciting peace through education initiative. Kids for Peace is proud to begin its sponsorship of the Shiners GE Kids for Peace School of Kenya, a pre-primary school for kids 3-8yrs old in Mikai, Kenya. Our first step in supporting the school is by helping pay the school fees of the 106 children attending.  This is our new Rafiki Amani Project.  In addition to sponsoring students, we provide Kids for Peace curriculum, books, supplies and other educational support to the school.
Want to Help Send a Friend to School?
For only $35.00, you can provide a Rafiki Amani (Peace Friend in Swahili) with 1/2 their tuition, a new uniform and breakfast and lunch for one year. Sponsors will exchange photos to foster not only support but the bond of friendship and personal connection that makes our Global Friends Program special.


Lifelong Leaders Project
Lifelong Leaders is a project in our Community Builders program.  In this project, the children learn the tenets of leadership and civic responsibility through hands-on training and by implementing meaningful community service projects. The Lifelong Leaders Seminar is a 3 part training based on the Peace Pledge to empower, inspire and prepare youth leaders.

The Lifelong Leaders Project was launched with Mrs. Doncouse's 5th grade Kids for Peace chapter at Jefferson Elementary in Carlsbad, California.  With the help of high school interns, the students were energized as they learned new skills and explored their natural talents and abilities.   Six small groups are now implementing their service projects and doing such things as: visiting seniors at a local senior center with their "One Happy Day" project, creating a "Peace Zone" at school, organizing a "Laws for Paws" event to bring awareness to no-kill animal shelters, and assembling first aide kits for an orphanage in Africa with their "First Aide for Fiwagoh" project.

Thank you SDGE (San Diego Gas and Electric) for sponsoring our Lifelong Leaders!!! We look forward to expanding this valuable project worldwide.
Bucks for Beds Is a Huge Success!
  In 2010, a Kids for Peace group from America traveled to Kenya.  While there they visited the Fiwagoh Orphanage and became friends with the beautiful children at the orphanage.  Our Kids for Peace group discovered that their new friends had no beds and slept on the floor.  We asked if we could help and they enthusiastically agreed.  Our Bucks for Beds Project was born!! Kids back in the States got busy raising money for beds for our new friends.

One year later, Cofounder Jill McManigal returned to the Fiwagoh Orphanage.  Kids for Peace had raised enough money for 100 beds!  The joy was thick as the orphans showed off their new sleeping quarters.  Thanks to our Kids for Peace children, their friends in Kenya are having sweet dreams!!

  4th Annual Great Kindness Challenge
Reaches 69 Countr

This year's Great Kindness Challenge, an annual event created by Kids for Peace, reached as many as 69 countries.  WOW!!!  

On this special day, children around the world performed countless acts of kindness. Guided by our 50-item checklist, they spread joy with smiles, hugs, dances, and thank yous. They brightened many days with hand-made cards, drawings, signs and painted rocks. They served their communities by helping those in need, cleaning up the environment and caring for pets. In short, they made a big, positive difference in in our world, and changed many lives for the better.

The 2011 Great Kindness Challenge was sponsored by generationOn and Southwest Airlines, with public relations support from CRT/tanaka and web design services donated by Envisager Studio.  We are grateful for our sponsors' support and for the energy and enthusiasm of the thousands of kids who participated.  Our world is indeed kinder, thanks to the kids!!
Great Kindness Challenge 2011

Kids Korner  


Shivani Parmar
Bangalore, India

Age: 11

Chapter: Founding Carlsbad Chapter and Co-Leader for Bangalore Chapter in India

Years In Kids For Peace: Since it started

What is your favorite part of Kids for Peace?
I have so much fun being part of Kids for Peace. Here are some of my favorite parts. One of my favorite parts of Kids for Peace is making Peace Packs for the less fortunate. I also like taking part in The Great Kindness Challenge because I like making people happy. Another thing that was really fun was giving the Peace Hero Award to Tony Hawk last year on my birthday. I also enjoy learning about different countries and cultures.

What have you learned in Kids for Peace
In Kids for Peace I have learned that if you are kind to others they will be kind to you. I also learned about people around the world and their culture.  Now my family and I are traveling around the world and we get to make new friends every where we go. I also have learned about caring for our environment.

Why is Kids for Peace important
Kids for Peace is important because we are spreading Love, Peace, and Joy and making a difference in the world and in people's hearts.

What is your wish for the world?
My wish for the world is that there are no wars, all children and their families have a home, food, water and most of all love.

Shivani brings joy to Special Needs students in India!