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Good NewsSpring 2010
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Save the Date!!!
Be Big 
 Wednesday, June 2nd
Rancho Penasquitos
Please join Skyler Pinto, winner of Scholastic's BE BIG in Your Community Contest, and Kids for Peace as we make "Kindness Packs" to be delivered to children in hospitals throughout San Diego. For more information,
please contact Jill at

  Skyler Pinto
KFP Leaders' Training
 July 23-25
San Diego, California

Great Kindness    Challenge      

August 14,2010  
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New Sponsors
We are thrilled to thank our sponsors.  Their generosity makes a HUGE difference to our children.
Thank you!  Thank you!

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Spring and Summer
Peace Pledge Focus
Every two months Kids for Peace focuses on a line from our Peace Pledge.  Please check out our website to get ideas of how you, too, can live by these powerful words.
I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create PEACE for one and all.
New Chapters 
Kids for Peace continues to grow and grow!  Below is a list of our newest Kids for Peace chapters.
  •  Eagle School, West Virginia
  • West Grove, Pennsylvania
  • Glendale, Arizona
  • Cranbrook, Canada
  • Jefferson IB Elementary, Carlsbad, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • New World Leadership Children's Academy, Encinitas, CA

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Kindness Matters Photos

Kindness Matters Haiti

Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters Group

 Kindness Matters 3
This Spring definitely brings much good news.  I am humbled by the beautiful and important work of our children.  They have been busy helping Haiti, making Peace Packs, celebrating Earth Day with many worthy environmental projects, learning about other cultures, and being fine examples of love and kindness. 
This newsletter highlights a slice of the Kids for Peace impact.  I hope the stories and spotlights inspire you as much as they do me.  We are in good hands with this next generation.  They are kind, caring, open, compassionate and giving young people.  This is, indeed, good news!
Thank you for supporting Kids for Peace.  Whether you volunteer, contribute money, spread the word or simply cheer us on, all of us at Kids for Peace are grateful for what you do.  Together, we do make a positive difference.
With Peace and Gratitude,
Jill McManigal
Cofounder and Executive Director

Kids for Peace Helps Haiti

Haitian children receive our Peace Packs with beaming smiles!
Haiti Peace Pack Kids
When Kids for Peace learned of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the children immediately knew they had to do something.  Our chapters all over the world got busy, joined forces, and raised money to donate to our friends at Sion Fonds (  and buy Peace Pack supplies.  Thanks to an amazing fundraiser put on by Kamie of It's a Luv Thing (, we raised enough money to make 250 Peace Packs and send $4500 cash to Haiti.  Wow!
We had several Peace Pack making events for Haiti.  The largest was held at the New World Leadership Children's Academy in Encinitas, California.  The children learned about life in Haiti from John Monfort who was born and raised in Haiti and lost a family member in the earthquake.  The kids were mesmerized by his stories of banana trees, soccer and colorful cars.  His richness of spirit touched our kids and inspired great kindness in their notes of friendship inside their Peace Packs.
Because of close relationships we have with others, our efforts have made a direct and meaningful impact in Haiti.  The children of Sion Fonds have received medical help and much needed supplies, thanks to our kids.  With the magnificent efforts of Eric Klein of  and our very own Ruthie Kaminskas, all Peace Packs have been delivered to beaming smiles.
Kids for Peace truly is uplifting our world with love and action. 
be big
A child from Haiti reads his note of friendship found inside his Peace Pack.
Haiti Peace Pack note

Kids for Peace Chapter Spotlight

Woodstock Kids for Peace (Georgia)
The Woodstock, Georgia chapter was started in October 2009 by chapter leaders Christina Wolfe-Herman and Jennie Keleher. This very dynamic chapter is making a beautiful impact in their community and the world...
Woodstock KFP holds a bake sale for Haiti.
Woodstock, GA Bake Sale
Here is a list of the highlighted projects by Woodstock Kids for Peace :
  • Made Halloween magnets with positive messages which were given out to Trick-or-Treaters
  • Made no-sew fleece blankets and delivered them to a local domestic violence shelter
  • Organized and participated in a "Lunches for the Troops" day, where they had three locations for putting together lunches for soldiers returning to active duty following holiday leave.  These were delivered to the Atlanta airport on the day that thousands of troops flew through on their way to various GA military bases
  • Sponsored a Bake Sale for Haiti....had a booth at a local elementary school spring festival and raised $170
  • Participated in the "Season of Non-violence" 64 days of peaceful activities
Sharing at a Woodstock KFP meeting.
Woodstock GA Meeting Circle
Monthly Woodstock Kids for Peace Meeting Activities have included:
  •  Learning about and greeting one another by saying "Namaste" at the beginning of each meeting
  • Learning about and listening to (on the internet) the pronunciation of the word "welcome" in other languages
  • Learning and reading books about other cultures
  • Making and sharing their own culture boxes
  • Presenting to the group items they've collected from other countries and talking about their use/meaning/significance
  • Researching the meanings of their own names and names of children in other countries
  • Decorating reusable bags
  • Reading and doing activities surrounding the idea that we accept and respect each person just as he or she is
  • YogaKids
  • They have been fortunate to have had a beautiful banner made and donated to their chapter, thanks to one of their moms!
  • Upcoming plans include making Peace Packs to be delivered to children in Nicaragua
The leaders are thrilled about the coming together of this chapter.  Jennie Keleher warmly said, "We have lovely children and interested, involved parents. As we continue to grow, we believe that we will be so enriched and be blessed with opportunities to learn about others and contribute positively to our world."
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Kindness Matters Campaign

 Kindness Matters Campaign
Please join our global campaign to inspire acts of kindness. It's simple... just submit a photo of your child(ren) posing with the words "Kindness Matters." The words can be on a hand-made sign, t-shirt, sculpted in clay, spelled with rocks or shells, etc. Maybe choose a setting that's distinctive of your location or culture. Use your imagination, be creative and have fun with this.
Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Southwest Airlines, one randomly-selected winner will receive two unrestricted round-trip tickets good anywhere Southwest Airlines flies.
Your photo(s)could become part of a video to inspire children around the world to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge. The Great Kindness Challege is one day where kids around the world perform acts of kindness, choosing from a downloadable checklist of 50 suggestions. The 3rd annual challenge will be held on August 14, 2010, with a goal of inspiring over one million youth to participate in at least 50 countries.  

Want to Start Your Own Kids for Peace Chapter?

Leaders Training: Save the Date!!!
July 23-25
San Diego, California
Leaders from all over the country are coming together for our annual Kids for Peace Leaders' training.  Thinking of starting your own chapter?  Please plan on joining us for a dynamic weekend of education, inspiration and connection.  Training is FREE.  FREE housing provided for out of town leaders.  A limited number of FREE flights are available, thanks to our Southwest Airlines sponsorship.  For questions or to RSVP, please contact Jill at