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January 18, 2012 

maximize what you have

It isn't unusual for a person to attend a church conference at a mega-church and see the vast array of flat panel screens, fancy technical things throughout the building, theme-based children's classrooms that cost a pretty penny, and gleaming surfaces everywhere then go home, take a look at their church and be overwhelmed with envy or despair.


Sure, we'd all love to have some of that fancy stuff. But we need to remember two things:  First of all, making disciples does not happen any easier with gleaming state of the art things. Secondly, envy or imitating what you see typically aren't helpful and they're not the only options.  Instead of focusing on what you don't have, try focusing on what you do have and making the most of those things. children's classroom


Most of these things can be done without a great deal of cost:

  • Make sure your yard is mowed and edged.
  • Keep things clean, not just for Sundays but for when people stop by during the week.
  • Use some paint where things have become run-down. Use a good quality that will last and is washable. Avoid colors that were popular on appliances in the 70's.
  • Make use of what lobby space you have. Remove unnecessary items that take up room. Put some color, flowers, guest packets, etc. in a welcome area for visitors (even if you don't have many right now).
  • Ask a person who doesn't go to your church to come by for a Sunday or during the week and give you some feedback on the first impression you make with your facility. They may have some good ideas.
  • Make sure your bathrooms are clean, painted, shiny, and well stocked with paper products. One of the main reasons many people refuse to return is a bad experience using the bathroom.
  • Sort through the nursery and throw out old, dirty, torn, and highly used items and throw them away (no matter who donated them).
  • Ask teachers to clean their classrooms after class on Sunday (or whatever day of the week you have classes) and remove items that don't get used, take up space, or don't fit with the purpose of the class.
  • Remove out-dated items from your bulletin boards. Nothing screams, "We aren't growing at all!" like announcements that are 6 months out of date.
  • Use flat screen monitors and used computers to broadcast announcements in your lobby. Cost have come down considerably. Ask a 6th grader to set up the program. They have no fear.
  • Next time you visit a mega-church, don't think about WHAT they have, ask yourself what principles are they using to maximize their space. It is a better take-home lesson.
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